1. Excellent!! I might add that Sean Tembo is becoming a danger to this country with his never-ending attempt to potray President HH as an unreasonable person.

  2. Thank you Mr. Mwewa for being one of the well-meaning people in the country. People like Sean Tembo and Chilufya Tayali dont care about Zambia because the people who were bankrolling them were kicked out by the Zambian youth. They want Zambia to be ungovernable because they hate HH. Double H7 will never put his Hero, Dr Kenneth Kaunda in the league of PF thieves.

  3. Wow, wow, honestly I had failed to get it equally. Thank ba Mwewa for clarifying the Queens language their.


  4. mwewa you are just dull dont even justify anything,iwee with or without definition those words of yours, the fact and the truth of the matters is that he was referring to past PRESIDENTS and not THE PF as you put it,you are just dull chap

  5. ILIMBULI IWEEE u are not even educated what can tell us,HH must just apologies and not play to the gallery,zambian are not fools and 5 years is not long and beside voting is a process

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