VIDEO: Response to the statement by the Minister of Home Affairs on the 13 kidnapped girls- Sean Tembo




  1. This man Sean Tembo is actually going insane whilst everyone is watching. He obviously cant help himself; close relatives need to take him for treatment. The money he stole in Botswana could the link to his mental state. The boy is in advanced stages of mental illness, hope he can recover and get better!

  2. Chilyata you are correct, actually he isn’t alone who needs treatment or medical attention, the other one is Chilufya Tayali. These people are sick. Sometimes I simply ignore their postings. Even Raphael is behind them. They are treading on unproductive and useless tracks. Anyway that is the way we should get by. Every society has some misfits. We shall accommodate them. After all we are a Christian Nation.

  3. Listen to what Sean has said rather than just dismissing him based on your dislike of him. Issues he has raised here are non-partisan and important.


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