1. This is no joke occurrence but reality. This shows that both men and women are wicked and unfaithful. In marriages and sexual relationships it is only the mother who know exactly the father of the children, also those ladies and women who have multiple sexual relationships happening concurrently may not know the true fathers of their children.

    Some fathers have raised up children who are not their biologically children. It is unfortunate thing with what is currently happening with Mercy and the alleged three men she could have had sexual encounters with. Mercy was teenager and active in prostitution and eager to look for money and quench her sexual lust. The only sure way to ascertain the fathers of Mercy’s children is to do a DNA test and settle the matter.

    It is also important to state that there many genuine, faithful and God fearing women in our society. Men also are to blame for the mess in which Mercy has found herself. Men should not be using women and ladies just to satisfy their sexual desires. Sexual immorality is sin and punishable by God.

  2. These two guys are hired by Bowman Lusambo. My question is all these two guys so called fathers to Chipego, what tribes are they? How come they all name a child by the Tonga language?


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