1. Tasila when HH and UPND members were being harrassed by your party you should have read that speach to your father. What about the people that died at the hands of your Father s party?

  2. You are pushing your luck. The stealthiness UPND is doing things is making the guilty afraid. Don’t worry the law will visit you after your honeymoon.

  3. Just the way she is talking we can see she is in
    Alot of pain to see the fall of PF and her dad.
    Madam what can a government do in one month?PF accumulated a debt of fourteen billion dollars even after collecting all the income in the country for ten years.

  4. Iwe Tasila relax, closing and shutting down Kamugodi is all you are talking about. Mapenzi Shibulo was shot and killed in your home lication Chawama, and now you want to be seen to be championing security.

  5. Ka Tasila, finshi ulelanda, wiso killed a lot of people. and we are coming for you Mukula, ulya waiba, the law will visit you. including the access bank you bought using Nigerians, will follow you. elyo wiso or pf tabakatekeko libili.

  6. Iwe after more than a year taula saka na amate you still on honeymoonying? Are you serious? You it is baBwiso who has immunity ka? Bwila ishinga amala ya mbushi bwaumfwa???

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