1. Ba Mtolo, there is no need to sound apologetic over the graph presentation. Those who donot understand the graphs will miss out and those who do will gain some deeper understanding of our situation.

    The press conference was for the whole nation it was not for members of the press.

  2. I am not a Journelist, but i enjoyed the Graphical presentation, it give a picture where we are coming from and where we are going, Ba Mtolo you are offside

  3. Who expects you and other Ministers to say anything against your party ?Those figures and graphs are indeed only useful to those who Monitor and plan ,not to ordinary voters out there. It is better to keep voters ignorant but enable them to put 3 meals on the table. We cant keep on seeing politicians live in luxury while voters languish in abject poverty ,this trend must change.3/4 of Zambians are unemployed ,so what significance will your graphs impact on the poor. To feel their empty tummies with promises that mana will fall tomorrow ?Hunger is Hunger.Even KK löst Popularität coz of mealie meal ,among other things ,how old were u in the late 70s ?We can tell pipo some history ,we were there and saw for ourselves. So don’t be upset when pipo express divergent views over certain things

  4. Sleepless nights for our beloved president.

    It has been own goal, after own goal, after own goal.

    Who is the chief presidential advisor?

    You can not just hire someone straight from the village to be presidential advisor, just because he is from your village. You see now the embarrassment.

      • No Sir, it was just a phrase, an example, not to be taken literally.

        My point is that he clearly has appointed someone not qualified for the job.

        Who is his chief advisor? Tell me then we disect his qualifications and suitability for this role.

  5. Zambians it is unfortunate that we cannot see the real problem. I am aged and travelled a bit and enough to realise how captured Africa and the so called third world are. The Africa village that say’ It takes the whole village to raise up a child’ and Ubuntu are there to remind us of principles that guided old African value systems and way of life. The cared and looked after each other. Even when it came to correcting those who violated the norms and values were NEVER locked up in prisons but corrected while in society. This way of leaving enabled Africa to be ahead of other peoples on earth and led the way in civilization, technology, astronomy etc – Nile Valley civilization. This occurred while Europe were uncivilised barbarians living in caves. It was after Greece came in contact with thd Dark skinned people Africans – that helped them to be civilized. The raided Africa – Egypt to collect knowledge which included religious concepts that formed part of the religions they brought back to Africa using missionaries. Please check and you will find that Mary(mother) Jesus(son) and God(father) were all African concepts. All deception to rule Africans. Jesus was made to look like a European( Cesare Borgia) so that it becomes very difficult for blacks to fight European colonisers who looked like their God. Similarly if God is just and loving the European ways should also be just and fair and therefore acceptable even when they were brutal. Segregation, slavery and Apartheid were just a few examples.
    Politics was another front. The Europeans brought systems, policies and rules that favoured them and if one objected them was put away in prison so as NOT to encourage dissent. Again, Africans NEVER had prisons.
    Education was another area that disarmed Africans as the systems started indoctrination our children from nursery about European sprimarcy and history to the detriment of Afticsn systems. The more a child went up their systems the more they felt good to identify with the Europeans and more they undermined their heritage – anything African. The project worked so well that Europeans no longer to sell their White Jesus, they no longer need to be there to enforce their policies or government systems or education because blacks are now doing it for them. Priests are now dividing us from the pulpits as they ALL report to their European masters. We use governance system that is dictated by Britain Parliament including wearing those stupid wigs always bought from UK.
    Instead of uniting according to Ubuntu, we are fighting each other because European way of government- so called Democracy or Demon cracy(government) is used. What did this government do to Irag, Libyia, Syria etc and yet we don’t seem to see that it part of European barbaric way of conquering nations. How on earth do we allow privatisation that takes away ownership from indigenous people and give it to foreigners. Look at our wild animals – game parks nos in thd hands of whites.
    When are we going to wake up? Priest/Pastor answer me. Professor answer me. Politician answer me.


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