1. After all this nonsense, tuba PF are talking of reconciliation – where did they get the moral right to even be talking about this, that is nonsense!
    These are criminals that should be in jail especially Edgar and Esther Lungu, Davis Mwila, Davis Chama, Antonio Mwanza, Tutwa Ngulube, Sunday Chanda, Bowman Lusambo, Mumbi Phiri, Kampyongo, Chitotela, Nkandu Luo, etc.

  2. These thugs can be tracked down and brought to book.its very easy to do this.i’m serving this video and start the hunt of these PF fugitive thugs. i’ii first find the location where the victim was being harrassed.i’m going to use what i learnt: the five W’s(where,when, what ,who why) and an H.(How)

  3. By now they could have banned anything red, they could have even been following us in our homes to beat us. This is a breath of fresh air

  4. This us were I dislike HH, he can’t leave these criminals like this scot free, I lost a head lamp of my car that was kicked by these cadres on kasangula Road and ended up be fined at kabangwe by a traffic cop the same just a few minute between.

  5. Let’s mend our economy first!
    UPND is incompetent when it comes to matters of justice! You don’t forgive someone before they confess and accept that what they did was wrong! HH should have set up the Truth and Reconciliation commission to probe and prosecute PF atrocities! Where can the victims of PF brutality go to seek justice?
    The Wheels of Justice may grind slowly but they will surely catch up with the wrong doers!
    PF has not formally apologized as an organization. The description that PF is a terrorist organization is accurate because terrorist organizations don’t show remorse for their inhuman acts.
    What is intolerable is how these thugs have found a home in UPND!

  6. When Zambia was run by a president who never tolerated sanity. Careless. Each one for himself and Zambia for PF.
    Now we have one who doesn’t tolerate insanity but tolerates immorality. Each one for himself and Zambia for IMF and its friends.
    Mr expensive prices.


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