VIDEO: The UPND could not win elections for 20 years until I went to help them in 2021 – KBF



  1. If the truth be told, UPND lost votes because you were part of the alliance.

    I am not a fan of all things Hakainde, but you Mr KBF are truly backward in thinking and deed. To be honest, even Tayali and Sean Tembo make more sense than you.

    I am glad Hakainde sidelined you and your dull policies.

    Very shameful indeed.

  2. KBF is so disappointing in the manner he is conducting politics. I can safely advise him to change asap. He is definitely destined to fail if he continues on this trajectory.

  3. @Indigo, now tayali and he’s partner in foolishness sean both got zero’s how can they make more sense than baKBF? or is what I think you’re saying just that????

  4. So this idiot is not different from the fake pastors who read the mood of the people and claim to have prophesied the outcome.

    UPND was poised to win the 2021 and everyone including chickens and rats knew that, then an idiot stands up to claim that he helped the party to win? If that is not madness, what is it mwe be a Zambia? Let us see how this headless party will fare even in a ward bye election. Stupid idiot.

  5. Even a cimbwi can claim to have killed an animal when you find it eating the bones. Kikikiki. Ba replica ba ba ECL, same Whatsapp group. Kikikiki. Bamwankole balishibe ati balelusa.

  6. Abakalamba seems not realise that sean na mwamba compete on who is the most idiot and they are the ones he wants to be compared to . . . . katwishi ekotuleya

  7. These are the sangwapo boys! If Zambians make a mistake and put him in power he would be worse than chagwa. He would look Zambia to the bone. He has a big mouth and lies big. He came at the eleventh hour & he wants to claim to be behind UPND victory. Where did he ever make a campaign Laury? We know for sure he assisted Lungi by waking up a Judge at Midnight. Lungu rewarded the Judge with a constitutional Court position but the dribbler was left to dry. Lungu so the sophistication in ubukuluku and couldn’t trust him especially when he started saying after you it will be my chance. An apple doesn’t fall far from the . What happened to his son in the US?

  8. One question I want KBF to answer. Is this book written all by himself and hence a program he believes must be used in order for the country to develop?

    If this is the case then we would have to believe that he is the sole custodian of wisdom on economics and all governance issues. Yet his single discipline is law.
    How does he become a jack of all trades. Secondly a political party is run by using a manifesto which governs the aspirations of all members. If this is so , this means the manifesto must reflect the number of issues contributed by various members and hence it becaomes an accepted document by the members of that party.

    Therefore it follows that it is the document which must be advocated for when selling the party. The one man book idea can not overide the manifesto which holds all the convictions and thoughts of party. I think the manifesto would stand the test of time.

    Instead the man seems obsessed with his book as the only solution for Zambia. Which is frightening because he does not possess all the knowledge needed to develop our nation all in himself. This is a big red flag.

    Neither does it mean the job of the President is to offer solutions. In most cases the role of the leader allow those with solutions to share their ideas for the benefit of the nation.

    Right now , all I here this man saying Me this and me that. Zambia can not be run like a personal to holder company Sir. We are too diverse for that.


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