Let me take this opportunity to tell those who are outside using Bananas that I have mascular youths in my constituency who they can take advantage of says Mpika Central Member of Parliament Hon Francis Robert Kapyanga


  1. Zambia police are incompetent. This villager of an MP is on video evidence calling for the annihilation of opposition members for entering the bedroom of ecl mpika.

    He has no qualities of a leader. First time contribution to anything in parliament and he dwell out hogwash.

    Why don’t police review the video in which kapyanga openly called for killing of roaches who went to mpika and muchinga province?

  2. He is hurling insults at the innocent woman civil servant and he still calls himself honourable!
    Why do we glorify massogynists who are verbally assaulting and harassing women openly in this day and era.
    This chap is not even fit to be a member of Parliament and the Law enforcement agencies must act on this immediately!


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