Creflo Dollar
Creflo Dollar

Tithing is not Biblical – Creflo Dollar

American preacher Creflo Dollar says tithing Is not biblical and instructs his congregation to destroy books and videos he released about tithes before

Creflo Dollar who owns private jets and in recent years began to change his teaching on prosperity gospel has now confessed that he failed when it comes to the teaching of thithes.


  1. This is what GROWTH in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ means. It is very easy to be conservative. You do not need to think and you do not need to explore for yourself. All you do is swot and memorise what others have said and done and regurgitate the same. To be a progressive is hard. It means that sometimes you have to tell the whole world that the earth moves around the sun and that the Roman Pontiff is not infallible. This takes courage. It takes even more courage to correct your own longstanding beliefs. Well done brother Dollar. May the many ‘men and women of God’ learn a lesson.

  2. This false teacher after amassing wealth and wanted to buy a private jet in the name of spreading the gospel. Today you say tithe is not biblical read Malachi 3vs10. I doubt if you did tithe yourself. False teacher these prosperity gospel preachers they dont stop making headlines everyday. Even if you have changed your position on tithing, the biblical context is will remain forever and forever.

  3. Too bad Man of God I dont know how many you are misleading TITHE is not under the Law It is a principle of FIRSTS that begins in the book of Genesis 14 The book of Genesis lays the Foundation of the entire Kingdom of God In Genesis 9 God decrees the penal code which Satan has been fighting ever since In Hebrews 7;1-10 specifically talks of the tithe The law was only given in Exodus 20 and God says NOTHING about the tithe because He has already laid a foundation in Genesis We have to be very careful about this GRACE GOSPEL that JESUS has paid for everything so you can just about live anyway you feel like!!!


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