1. Well i don’t think you deserve to be treated with that sort of respect you should have thought of that while you were given chance to serve the people of Zambia a chance of which of you spat back in our faces with mediocre service and brought untold suffering to Zambian’s, you were such an arrogant chap yourself and thought you’d be in power for eternity, don’t try to insult our intelligence today by playing victim when we all know you brought this lack of respect on yourselves, sorry no sympathy from me Bwana Stephen!

  2. But if you stole by buying fire tender at wanu mirrion and master-minded the gassing of people you will get what’s coming to you. Respect is earned not demanded.

  3. Kampyongo: should be treated like a human being. If you had any humility, this would be your request. But instead, and as has been pointed out above, you think you are above most human beings and must be treated like some demi God.
    Who did you treat decently when you were in power? Arresting, injuring and even killing people to advance your self interest. You’re lucky you are dealing with civilized people not out for retribution.

  4. Kampyongo should be the last to ask to be treated like a human being, especially that he doesn’t show any remorse. He feels entitled to have been a plunder: Amano ya mu Katondo Street.

  5. Kampyongo , you never earned any respect during your draconian rule with Lungu. You behaved like an animal, in fact, an animal is even better. Y

  6. No no no no no, you were not cabinet ministers, you were cabinet thieves, cabinet looters and cabinet plunderers and you should be treated as criminals. None of you including your former boss deserves any respect at all.

    You went into honorable offices fraudulently and squandered the dignity that go with such offices, you turned them into dens of thieves. In fact this call coming from a street money changer who masqueraded as minister induces vomiting for me. If you were nearby, I will spit on your face, you are so disgusting to say the least. Ba mwankole, ba pompwe na ba koswe mu mpoto, you disgust us.

  7. At this point its not so much about your period as former ministers, but how you have been carrying yourselves after, pompous to a point that when not arrested you make fun of the authority

    HH and UPND the opposition you terrorised you mock them just imagine Bowman making fun of a police officers shoes why?

  8. You should be treated the way you were treated before we employed you as a cabinate minister. Nga wali money changer that is how you will be treated

  9. There are indeed former ministers who deserve and are being treated as such. But there are also THUGS and see! They are very VISIBLE!

  10. Who did you treat well ba kampyongo? Only pf thugs chapwa. So don’t ask for special treatment from anyone. So you thought you would be in power forever? Look at how your members are disrespecting the president, upto now even out of power and you want nice treatment? Forget.

  11. Kikiki laughable indeed. How does one treat such chaps as former Ministers. Who does that? Let him come to the courts again in a government vehicle flying our flag! Stupi.d id.ot!!!!

  12. What’s so special about former cabinet ministers that they should be treated differently from other ordinary zambians. That is just another job and once you are out of it you are just the same as the rest of us.


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