UPND Sec. General Batuke Imenda formally reported to Woodlands Police Station for Hate Speech against Lusaka Catholic Archdiocese Bishop Alick Banda whom he referred to as ‘Lucifer of Zambia’ contrary to Section 70(1) Penal code of Chapter 87 the Laws of Zambia by Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF leadership.


  1. Lucifer is not a bad name!
    Lucifer means Prince of Light as a Covering Sherub and guardian of the Ten Commandments!
    This was the title for Lucifer before his fall. After his fall, he became Prince of Darkness!
    So the Bishop can adopt the name as long as he doesn’t cross over to the evil side.

    • Let this UPND praise thug who is exhibiting hate speech be imprisoned forever. We don’t want such useless people in our democratic space..If the Zambia Police won’t effect an arrest, we will do a citizen arrest wherever this useless human being’s face will present itself.

  2. Part of the reason why African remain poor in their own countries is poor Leadership.During campaigns they promise good things to voters ,when voted into Office they enrich themselves ,become big headed and can insult any other person critic of their incompetencies.Does Imenda demonstrate anything worth of an SG of a governing Party ?What criteria was used for this man to get this position ?So Politicians in Zambia believe whoever has ka degree must be Boss ?Nonsense ! The guy has no morals


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