PF acting president Given Lubinda says:
“Members of the press, we are reliably informed by some of our members within the system….
And let President Hakainde not make a mistake; we still have members in the system. They are still there! We still have members in the system and they are loyal to us. And when they see things happening, they inform us.”


  1. Imwe ba PF you need to know that HH is the president and the sooner you realize that the better. You should accord him the necessary respect as head of state because he’s not just a UPND president but our Republican President who deserves to be respected at all times. Watch your language towards him(You should stop complaining when you land yourselves into trouble because of your mouth) – Binwell Mpundu

  2. How many people are you causing to lose jobs? All that are being laid off as pf loyalists should head to Given s house to be looked after.

    • What an irresponsible statement coming from a leader of a party! He wants people to be fired for being partisan. The truth is he has no such people, he wants the govt to go on a witch hunt and fire people indiscriminately; otherwise they would not be asking for details of IMF loan or the USA so called military presence deal. They would expose the “deal”
      It wont happen.

  3. Ba New Deal Government , Now hear it from the horse’s mouth.They still have people in the system and as long as they are active in the system ,your fight against Corruption is non starter

  4. An annoying statement very stupid timing. Now you have justified why members from you own team are going to be removed from their positions due to misplaced loyalty.

    Instead of keeping you big mouth shut, the currently government with legally and systematically remove all political inclined appointments using your own words as the reason for the urgent action.

    Talk about misplaced and unreasonable utterances. We advise the current administration to be careful as this can also be a distraction from real issues to fight fires that don’t exist.

    The only positions to give attention to, are those which prevent what government needs to do regarding progressive developmental projects and the fight against corruption.

  5. This is a very irresponsible and childish statement. Those serving in government are not working for any political party but their country, Zambia, and indeed the people of Zambia. It’s their constitutional duty and right to do so. Lubinda should know that even when PF was in power, it was not every civil servant who voted for PF. Lubinda’s claim only go to expose his ignorance.

  6. If Bally fires all your people you claim, are you going to feed them? Will then start from those in missions abroad. Especially those who were close to start House of chagwa, to start packing soon.

  7. Lubinda Given is not clever. It is stupid of him to disclose such information. Anyway his days as PF President will soon come to an end.

  8. Now that you have revealed this don’t complain when you see people in civil service and quasi government institutions getting fired. It had started with zesco.

  9. Lubinda, you had even more members in the system before the 2021 general elections and you still lost the elections. Now you claim that you still have members in the system to enable you dismantle the new dawn government. This is indeed masturbation by a frustrated Lubinda.


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