VIDEO: WHITENESS DOES NOT MEAN IMPERIALISM, says Dr Fred M’membe as he defends his two daughters marrying white men



  1. This one also is like his friend the Snake. No bwino Bwino mu bongo bongo. Bupunka bweka bweka always.

    If you say Zambians are imperialists and you continue condemning them and saying the same; and if a Zambian visits and brings you something then when you are asked about what you always say and condemn then you change because it pleases you, then that is a chameleon type of leadership who always change color when it so wishes to please itself. Infact a chameleon is even better because it is an animal but if it is a person, then that is quite unfortunate. The case of Freeeeddiiiiiiiiii mmembeeeee.

    His pregnancy hate mouth of the west whom he always term as imperialists now the same people of the west not from if not otherwise from the west he condemns marrying his daughters and the change in action while still holding to the hate, in reverse is quite very evil. The dununa type of the snake

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  3. The problem of being a loudmouth. Imperialists have invaded your home. Kikikiki kikikiki kikikiki kikikiki kikikiki.
    A bigot eats his pie


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