1. Strange continuous ranting and silence on one side are never compatible actions. This a sign of things to come suddenly and quickly. When you live long enough you see this play out over and over again.

    Under currents sometimes can be very deceiving. It is similar to those wise sayings expressing hidden truths for instance “still waters run deep”. Some meditation coupled with some concentration regarding such statements will help to make this truth apparently clear. The wise take heed and are safe.

    Sometimes the louder the noise gets is a sign or indication that trouble is getting near ones door. A desperate call for help has a tendency of disguising itself as boldness while the outcry is a tender and passionate call for relief.

    The word of God is right. The tongue is the smallest member of our body parts but it boasts of many things and is set on fire by hell it self if the fear of the lord is absent.

    Some noises are worth listening to as the announce danger and benefits many about to pending disaster. Other noises are only irritating , annoying and exhausting. We have finally become exhausted and now completed switched off and numb of expecting logical solutions due to the childishness and drama. It is sad when people stop to miss your presence while you stand among them.

    Relevance should be treasured. Attention is a gift given when people are sympathetic and trusting. If the emotions and intelligence of people is taken for grant, they just walk away from without warning.

    Surely fatigue has set in many hearts. All manner of gymnastics are not captivating any more. An expectation of a definite count down of when the bottom of this stage will fall out is being sadly awaited.

    Unfortunately at this rate it is inevitable and irreversible. There is no changing this mind- set which can only be challenged by direct confrontation.

    Sad really, especially that potential does exist. Destiny is some thing we all need to embrace. One person already died for us all, there is no need to die for each other. It benefits no one. Jesus already paid the ultimate price. That’s a fact.

  2. This man is on a suicide mission, he is in self destruct mode after the PF loss and hence loss of his revenue base and the subsequent departure of his wife and daughter.

    He is desparately crying out for help.


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