You are allowed to use pangas on UPND and PF rebels who oppose Edgar Lungu – Tutwa Ngulube.

PF Kabwe MP and Deputy Chief Whip Tutwa Ngulube has given PF members green light to hack people with pangas (machetes) as long as those persons cross the party’s path.

The Law maker who was addressing his members in Kabwe said it was ok to hack people if they have divergent views from those of the PF and President Edgar Lungu.

“If you catch them holding meetings behind closed doors, hack them with Pangas. You can also take them to the police station for holding illegal meetings and even in those cells, we will follow them and hack them”, said Ngulube in shocking video footage.

By implications Ngulube is confirming that PF uses state machinery on political opponents including spying on them which is a crime. He is admitting that the ruling party is abusing the national intelligence for political purposes.


  1. Tutwa is using figurative language to warn people who are not loyal to his party to be careful. He is not authorising people to use pangas to hack those with different views. The writer pretends not to understand the figurative speech used by Tutwa deliberately.

  2. Tutwa is an example of how Education alone is not enough to make a person a better person. Give some people an inch and they will take a mile. His speech is subject to different interpretations. This is hate speech and proposing violence on all with dissenting views. The mention of pangas is enough to inspire violence in half-witted cadres. As a Lawyer he claims to be, he can do better. Has he not studied Human Rights during his legal studies or did he skip class on human rights? PF cadres who don’t agree with you are not your enemies! Respect their freedom of Expression and Freedom of Association. If a PF cadre is having meetings with citizens who belong to opposition parties, that should not be viewed with suspicion and Paranoia! That is a sign of weakness in PF leadership! Whatever party you belong to, first you should identify yourself as a Zambian. Party affiliation is not permanent! Lusambo was MMD. Today he is PF. Tomorrow he will be UPND! So don’t be dogmatic! Dogmatic intolerance is dangerous! It leads to violence and loss of innocent life!
    Police should summon Tutwa and charge him with the offense of proposing violence!

  3. @Moses P Sichula:
    Dont be silly you hedgehog! Are you saying we don’t understand what your Pig Tutwa Ngulube was saying? It is from his mouth so why are trying to change what comes out of his mouth. Even you are shocked hearing that stupidity from a PF MP!
    If you think the opposition will let you mother fckers mess them up then you are joking. We will strike you harder in self defence. Ask those PF cadres in Police Uniforms we caught a few days ago. They were lucky to get away with their lives. Civil War has already started and was started by EDGAR LUNGU and his PF minions! But we will defend ourselves!!

  4. This sirach coming from a lawyer? Goodness the pf is in panic mode about losing next year.if this speach was from the opposition he or she would be locked up for infighting violence. Disgrace Tutea you r going to weep next year.


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