1. Thank you! I don’t know where this nonsense started. It just encourages insecure clowns (aka ‘leaders’) into thinking they are demi-Gods who are not accountable to anyone. They should kneel before us actually. They work for the people.

  2. It’s not really a sign of subservience but respect where the president is sitted but u need to talk to him and there’s nowhere to sit. Whn he’s in a standing position no-one kneels in Zambia.

  3. Thanks HH, just that puts you in a different league, will only kneel to a chief due to tradition, I dont have to kneel to someone to show respect. You are already highly respected by some of us due to your values, wisdom , intelligence and that you are down to earth without pretence.
    We respect the office you hold but much more the values you bring to the office. You are the son of the soil, I have been lucky enough to meet you and talk to you and to have met Mwanawasa, real gentlemen and men of integrity. Keep it up.

  4. Max, be corrected from now onwards. Subservience can still be shown by squatting before elders and people in authority as His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema.

    Kneeling down is a preserve for God Jehova, the Omnipotent.

    Your Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema, I am happy that a wrong notion has been corrected on Monday the 18th Day of October, 2021.

    May God Continue blessing your Excellency in Jesus mighty name.


  5. But, yes people must still kneel before their Chiefs. The President must also kneel before his Chiefs! We saw him do it as an Opposition Political Leader!

  6. Sarah this is not NONSENSE as you put it traditionally as a sign of respect young people used to bow to elders wives to their husbands subjects to their chiefs even in the Bible it is there and in those days because of such respect we did not have the violence and the disrespect which is being exhibited today while I totally agree that total kneeling(ie both knees on the floor) is reserved for God and God alone bowing and obeisance is acceptable for those we esteem in society as our parents leaders senior citizens husbands Sarah even called her husband Abraham my lord( not Lord)


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