Village headman beaten, buried alive

A VILLAGE headman of Nyoka in Kasempa has been buried alive after being severely beaten by family members who accused him of having bewitched his son-in-law.

This followed the death of Amos Lawila, the son-in-law of the village headman, on December 22 last year. This prompted the family to perform a ritual locally known as Chikondo.

The local people believe that through Chikondo, the coffin leads mourners to the person responsible for the death.

Sub-chief Nyoka, of the Kaonde, revealed the killing of the village headman to Minister of Labour and Social Security, Brenda Tambatamba, when she visited the area.

The traditional leader said after the Chikondo ritual was performed, mourners claimed that the coffin led them to the village headman, identified only as Ndauti.

Mr Ndauti was severely beaten by a mob, which then buried him alive in the same grave with the person he was accused of having bewitched.

Sub-chief Nyonka further revealed that lawlessness is rife in his area due to lack of police to maintain law and order.



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