Keith Mukata


FORMER Chilanga Member of Parliament Keith Mukata has applied for an interim protection order against his wife, Maricho Rosin Horea, alleging that she was unfit to look after their four children.

However, Mukata’s wife has also applied for an interim injunction restraining Mr Mukata from being near her as he is a threat to her life.
This is a matter where Ms Horea has sued Mr Mukata in the Lusaka High Court for divorce alleging denial of conjugal rights.

But in an affidavit in support of ex-parte summons for an interim protection order, Mr Mukata, has accused his wife of failing to take care of the children as she spends her time partying and arrives home at around 02:00 hours.

He stated that she has kept the children out of school despite him paying schools fees which has resulted in their poor performance.
“That after the petitioner served the said petition on me; she has since vacated her residence with all our children.

That I am in constant fear as to the safety of my children and their whereabouts as I don’t know their whereabouts. That I believe that the safety of these children is at risk.”

On the other hand, Ms Horea wants an interim injunction restraining the respondent from coming near her and the children.

She said that at around October, this year, her husband reported her to Matero Police Station of having stolen a Toyota Quantum Reg; ALZ 8333 which is owned and registered in her names.

She stated that since Mr Mukata was pardoned from Mukobeko Correctional facility on a charge of murder, he has never been home.

She said Mr Mukata has been going to the children’s school to deliver food without her consent and has also made sure that the bus she uses to drive the children to school was impounded by the police.


  1. My advise tu Hon Mukata is that you leave this woman. She may harm you. You dont know what she used to do oitside when you were locked up in prison. God will yake care of you. She sound to be cohabiting with other men is the want of divorcy.

  2. Not even Edgar’s pardons made sense.His pardon here has just brought kamuvundula,Keith was better off in jail,he is now a danger to his wife and the children


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