We Are Heading For Disaster- Abraham Alinaswe Simpamba

Abraham Alinaswe Simpamba

Abraham Alinaswe Simpamba writes…


We only have two major industries that can improve our country’s economy and it’s the agriculture and mining sector but for now, we cannot count on the mining sector because it benefits the foreigners and not Zambians. Despite the Mines and Mineral Development Minister presenting a bill in parliament were he emphasised the need for more expropriations but still the major beneficiaries are the foreign entities unless we start bargaining for 50/50 investment with the investors or we start running some of the mines then we will see the benefit as a country.

Therefore, the only industry we have which we can largely own and have full control is agriculture sector that is why it must be a legitimate concern for every meaningful Zambian to query the government, concerning the delay of distribution of farming inputs across the country. Despite the delay, the poor farmers are not getting the farming inputs accordingly instead they are sharing fertilizer in medas. Which simply shows that the agriculture sector is in shambles.

Knowing for sure, that the largest industry and employer in this country is agriculture sector. In fact government should subsidize and invest more in farming inputs to boost agriculture sector so that the farming inputs becomes cheaper for every farmer to afford by so doing we can even do away with the cooperatives because every farmer will afford to buy fertilizer and seeds on their own because looking at the situation it even happened last year were in some parts of the country people received farming inputs in February this year which simply shows lack of seriousness to new dawn government in-teams of supporting agriculture sector.

For now, the only viable industry we have is agriculture sector unlike mining industry whose major beneficiaries are foreigners. In fact we have what it takes as a country to develop so far all what we are lacking is sound leadership.

Abraham Alinaswe Simpamba.


  1. But you have been told why there is delay in distribution of inputs. Unless you have a hidden agenda, you should be able to understand. In my view, that disaster of yours is in your head.

  2. At times and very often I am amazed how Zambians wish to comment or make a contribution on matters they do not understand. Agriculture is not only about maize. There is a livestock industry and Fisheries as well. Normal countries do not relay heavily on imports to support its agriculture. That is why the UNIP Government set up Nitrogen Chemicals. As Zambians we are failing to support fertilizer manufacturing locally because of our stupidity and corrupt nature of our minds. It is not the New Dawn Government that structured maize growing such that we have a huge fertilize import bill. Let us learn to be analytical and to dig deeper before we come in public pretending we know something.

  3. Only those who are heavily dependent on Boma to give them everything will feel the pinch!
    It’s so nice and liberating to be self-sufficient in basic things like food production!
    Trust politicians at your own risk!


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