We are not trying to create a Cuba, a Venezuela, a China, a Vietnam in Zambia- Fred M’membe

Dr. Fred M'membe

Zambia is not Cuba, it’s not Venezuela, it’s not China, it’s not Vietnam; Zambia is simply Zambia.

We are not trying to create a Cuba, a Venezuela, a China, a Vietnam in Zambia. We are trying to create a more just, fair and humane Zambia in Zambia.

Every country’s situation is different, and every path is different. Whether the shoe fits or not, only the wearer knows. We cannot always decorate our tomorrows with others’ yesterdays. We base our socialist struggle on the circumstances of our country, our history, our culture, on the concrete realities of our country.

Of course we are patriots without ceasing to be internationalists and we appreciate the experiences and achievements of other peoples and we study them.

The socialism we are seeking to build in Zambia is socialism with Zambian characteristics. Like a shoe, it can only or will only fit the Zambian foot. Naturally, there are certain general or universal laws, even scientific laws, for any condition, but our struggle to build a socialist society in Zambia has to be developed according to the specific conditions of Zambia.

Fred M’membe
President of Socialist Party Zambia


  1. Then why are you saying at the end you are trying to build a socialist country in Zambia, oh and why are you the SOCIALIST PARTY if you are not following socialism as practicticed in China ,Cuba, et al,
    Is socialism not SOCIALISM.
    The devil is in the detail

  2. This socialism is a fraud . They want to trick poor illiterate zambians to vote for these hard core capitalists so that they can loot the little resources the country has. How can a tax defaulter want to seek for highest office in the land. He must be a trick star. Abash socialism. Uko ati. Ku tumba uku.

    • Abash manipulative imperialists and their stooges HUMPTY HUMPTY types. A few thousand robbers enriching at the cost of millions of Zambians is capitalism, while empowering millions at the cost of a few thousands capitalists is socialism.

  3. Fred Mmembe you are nothing but a joker.socialism has failed everywhere.even your so called heroes the Communist party of China have opened their economy towards liberalisation.secondly the china u always praise is not a democratic nation.in china a president is chosenvl at the communist party convention and China is a one party dictatorship where the communist party is the only political party in the country.Thats Fred Mmembe ‘s role model


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