Hon Obvious Mwaliteta Summerton

WE CANNOT ALL BE MINISTERS – OBVIOUS MWALITETA…as UPND Lusaka Province meet to plan for District Visitation.

Lusaka Province Province Committee yesterday met to plan for the second round of District visitation across the Province. The meeting was chaired by it’s strongman Obvious Mwaliteta also known as Lusaka1.

Lusaka1 encouraged Committee members to remain focused and dedicated to party work saying each and every party member has a role to play especially now that the party has formed govt. He implored members to come up with viable fundraising ventures to mobilise resources for the party’s activities.

The Lusaka Province strongman encouraged members not despair for not being appointed into govt saying not all of us can be ministers, Permanent Secretaries or District Commissioners etc.

“Let us be forward looking, we have work to do as party officials, we cannot all be ministers, Permanent Secretaries or District Commissioners etc. There are alot of opportunities out there for all of us to survive, therefore, there is absolutely no need for anyone of us to panic, what is important is that we are in govt and all those in govt must as well realise that without you and I and that voter out there, they cannot be in those offices today, they also have to respect us” Lusaka1 advised.

However, the Provincial Chairman thanked his party officials for their commitment and dedication to party work saying this demonstrates how much loyalty and love that members have for the party. He encouraged members to work not only as a team but as family, he urged them to be tolerant of each other despite their weaknesses.

He later invited the Councillors from Kafue who had come to pay a courtesy call to join the meeting. He thanked the Councillors for finding time off their busy schedule to visit the Lusaka Province Offices, he urged them to be visiting the provincial office frequently saying the provincial offices were theirs too.



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