1. One observation is the immature and ignorance displayed by some opposition leaders for not recognizing a wrong process. An Audit management letter is not a final Audit report. It is simple a letter sent to the institution being audited to clarify certain issues. Hence not for public consumption has it may contain issue already resolved or misunderstood by the auditors.

    Audit institutions give management reports to the institutions the audit responsibly. For this supposed letter to be prematurely leaked and displayed in the public Media before being officially handed over to the Anti Corruption Commission management team is a very serious anormaly.

    Normal practice by audit firms is to engage with the clients they audit to explain any outstanding issues that arise during an audit . This unfortunate episode is an indication that something is professionally and fundamental wrong at the Auditor General and raises serious questions on the integrity of the Auditor General office.

    It is therefore fair game to carefully investigate the original of the alarming and false document which some trigger happy individuals have eagerly jumped on to thoughtlessly attack the the ACC.

    A normal and logical approach would have been to ask why an important document such as this would be leaked in the Media. A simple call from both ends would have clarified this matter. Even some alleged named media houses failed lamentably to do a simple verification. A simple call would have given the correct position. If asked where the got the information it is apparently clear they won’t even come up with a worthy source. If they did they should have mentioned the sources bluntly.

    It most unfortunate that the some oppositions leaders lack understanding and wisdom on how audit processes work in government. Besides this how could they have quickly forgotten the hand over ceremony. It is a historical fact.

    If this is how they intend to give checks and balances then it is a very poor and ignorant way of doing it.


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