The Anti-Corruption Commission has suspended its investigator Chimpampe Chipuli Manda who said he did not believe Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya committed an offence.

Manda yesterday told the Lusaka Magistrates Court that the total value of assets Dr Chilufya is accused of acquiring illegally is less than his legitimate income.

Manda told Lusaka Chief Resident Magistrate Lameck Mwale that based on his findings he did not believe the minister committed offence.

“The Commission has suspended Mr Manda, the investigations officer,” stated ACC public relations manager Timothy Moono to Daily Revelation. “There is no need to investigate (him). Things are already there.”

Moono said Manda had been suspended in connection to the evidence he gave in court yesterday. He said the prosecutor was suspended, pending disciplinary action. -Daily Revelation


  1. There is no need to investigate who? Your prosecutor or who? If it is your prosecutor, I can speak with confidence that there is every need to investigate him together with the accused. His mouth must have been fueled. And like TIZ said, Zambians have no confidence at all in ACC in it’s present composition, only a stupid person can expect anything good for this country to come out of this compromised institution.

  2. Re-investigate the dual if you think you have a good case against the minister and your officer. It’s very unusual and this is my first time to hear of such. You take someone to court and you aquity

  3. ACC is finished. It is itself now the centre of corruption. The President is aware of this and he is very happy with the situation. Chitalu `s case is just a waste of time and resources. This country is in grave danger under the PF.

  4. ACC officers hv now been targeted by the corrupt with money to burn. Whn I first read about the suspension of Chipampe Manda on social media, I decided not to take it too seriously. The Mast newspaper of today has reported that Tim Moono, the ACC’s public face has confirmed it. In fact the director general of the ACC should explain if she didn’t know wht her prosecutors were taking to court. This is serious. The ACC won’t be allowed to turn Zambia into a failed state.

  5. Acc should not just suspend this guy he should be arrested and a search done on him. Most certain 30 pieces of silver have exchanged hands. Disgraceful honestly.

  6. No, suspension. Justed imprison them. Chilufya offered money to bribery the 2 officers. This is ACC, is an extension of Corrupted office. How are you going to buy trust in your department. The Government should just abolish this department till 2021, When new Government comes in power.

  7. This whole case is a sham just to hoodwink zambians and donors that we are fighting corruption meanwhile all state witnesses are behaving more like defense witnesses like they were all coached what to say including ACC prosecutors, including ZRA officers etc etc. So as to ensure that Chilufya is acquitted and continues stealing as no one can be arrested for the same offense twice.


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