Wynter Munacaambwa Kabimba


Economic Front (EF) leader Wynter Kabimba says the party changed its name from Rainbow in order to move away from the perceived sexual orientation that goes with the name rainbow.

And Kabimba dismissed assertions that he is being bankrolled by Chinese businessmen, who are said not to feel accommodated in the new UPND era.

Kabimba also said there was nothing to celebrate from the Kabwata election results by both the UPND and the PF, as the election showed clear inadequacies involving the two leading parties.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Kabimba said the rebranding from Rainbow to EF was to disassociate the party from gay support attached with the name Rainbow.

He said the party did not want to be associated as being sympathetic and supportive of the LGBT sexual orientation, but as a party which embraced Christian values, saying that was what was being demanded by the membership.

Asked on information that he was being bankrolled by Chinese businessmen who were bankrolling the PF during their time in power, but now felt left out by the new administration, Kabimba described the information as “common propaganda in politics”, saying he had never been to the Chinese Embassy nor met with any Chinese businessman to support his political ambitions.

On the outcome of the Kabwata parliamentary by-election, which saw the UPND win the seat after their candidate Andrew Tayengwa garnered 13,665 ahead of his closest PF competitor Clement Tembo’s 11,192, in a by-election that was characterised by voter apathy, Kabimba said it will be folly for both leading contenders to comfort themselves with that outcome.

“Firstly it will be folly for anybody in the UPND… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/we-rebranded-to-ef-not-to-be-mistaken-for-gay-support-says-kabimba/


  1. Kabimba is a total waste of time. He talks nonsense, lacks credibility and offers no meaningful checks and balances in the governance dynamics. His party, whether as rainbow or EF never fields candidates, including himself, in any elections!
    So what is the purpose of the party? Surely its mission is not to keep hallucinating on the political sidelines or engage in a perpertual rebranding exercise. In any case there is nothing wrong with the term rainbow as shown by South Africa, calling itself a rainbow nation.

  2. He can rebrand, debrand or even go into oblivion where he already is for all we care. He and his brief case party mean nothing to Zambians.


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