UPND Member Dr Larry Mweetwa has vowed that never will the PF be allowed to rule Zambia again, reports Asa Manda for Zambian Eye.

Dr Mweetwa a UPND Stooge member based in Botswana says never will power be handed over to a tribal clique again.

“Your cadres terrorized us and they were even burning 🔥 money. Am sorry PF will never rule this country again. We will never surrender this country to any tribal curtail again,” Dr Mweetwa told PF presidential Aspirant Emmanuel Mwamba in a Facebook post.

Dr Mweetwa accused the PF of having embezzled money through infrastructure projects which were over priced using borrowed money.

“You guys embezzled a lot of money through these projects and left our country in serious kaloba,” he said. Your roads were ten times priced.”

Recently President Hakainde Hichilema charged that it is over for the PF and that the party shall not bounce back to power.

President Hichilema said there was coming back to power as he is already on the seat.

This followed former president Edgar Lungu assertions that Zambians had now realized that PF was better than UPND.

Lungu accused Hichilema of having swept to power through lies.

Zambian Eye


  1. This mad man is lost! He doesn’t know what is existing on the ground here in Zambia! Actually the tribal cartel is UPND. But they are quick to point at others as tribalists! PF was not a tribal party because everybody was free to take part in it’s politics! But Tongas and Lozis didnt want anything to do with PF and Sata or Lungu! They just wanted Hichilema to be their president! But now you have to be Tonga or Lozi or from North-Western to be appointed in government. So who’s tribal cartel here! Time will tell you Mweetwa. And it’s wrong for you to bluntly say, “we shall never allow . . . . . “! Who’s that “we”? Mweetwa things have drastically changed the past 10 months here in Zambia. What is on the ground is not what you are dreaming Mweetwa. What Edgar Lungu said is what is pertaining on the ground!

  2. Curtail : reduce in extent or quantity; impose a restriction on.
    “civil liberties were further curtailed”

    Cartel : an association of manufacturers or suppliers with the purpose of maintaining prices at a high level and restricting competition.
    “the Colombian drug cartels”
    a coalition or cooperative arrangement between political parties intended to promote a mutual interest

  3. People like you Manganga will remain crying and praising pf fools cause you are the ones who benefited…Who can you fool…just look at the number of Ministers,PS and so on…check where they are coming from.Don`t be blinded by the hatred you have for other tribes.Lets be realistic in our judgement. We cant not bury our heads in sand…Yes we are Bembas but lets call a spade a spade…what is wrong is wrong


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