Mumbi Phiri
Mumbi Phiri



“I was extremely worried especially that I caused the long unfair detention of Mr Mwaliteta and exile of Police Commissioner Siandenge”.

Former PF Secretary General Mumbi Phiri has expressed happiness over HH’s statement that he won’t arrest PF members who were involved in corruption. Speaking at her home in Lusaka, Mrs Phiri disclosed that she has been having sleepless nights ever since it became clear that President Lungu had lost the elections.

“Personally, I was worried. I thought I was going to be the first to be arrested because I caused the one year detention of Obvious Mwaliteta and the force exile of Commissioner Siandenge. Am happy that his excellence President Elect Hakainde Hichilema will not revenge against us”.

And Madam Phiri has pledged to support the UPND government whole heartedly.


  1. Is she the one who wrote this?
    Is it coming from her mouth? God guide me to understand this fool chimbwi Phiri? I don’t believe what she has written. People, help me to understand this fool.

  2. No need to use derogatory language to an elderly lady.President Elect HH wants us to depart from insults which we can avoid.

  3. I also don’t believe it’s her. HH will forgive ecl but we want our money back and let the thieves be jailed , the corrupt prosecuted. If you caused the suffering of Poor zambians then you have cause to worry.

  4. Will it be in her confession to her local priest during Mass this Sunday since she’s a Catholic? PF supporters can u believe this?

  5. Of course HH will not arrest any of you corrupt PF leaders. Its the Police and the Anti corruption who will do their job. HH is civilised and cannot threaten to arrest you because its all about separation of powers. We have the Executive the legislature and the Judiciary. You know better that HH is not the arresting officer but the Police are. HH says he will not interfere in the operations of the Police. Oh the fear is that you PF as leaders were commanders for the Police and you were the ones instructing the police whom to arrest – kikiki. Dont celebrate the Police are coming for you not HH of course.

  6. Green snakes in the grass, wicked and evil people have no shame. Mumbi Phiri you were very arrogant and pompous you thought that PF and your corrupt president was omnipotent and everlasting president. You were the law and authority you caused pain in the lives of innocent people. PF’s rule was dictatorial and oppressive. You promoted tribalism and marginalized other tribes who you considered to be of low status and inferior. Today the entire PF has been rejected and humiliated.

    The rule of law should be allowed to take its course. Law breakers should not be quick to seek sympathy from the people they oppressed. Mumbi Phiri the same Zambia Police you abused will be the same one now which will perform its professional duties to conduct investigations about PF brutality and criminality.

  7. Deceitful woman! HH did not say he will shield PF members and their cronies from prosecution over serious criminal crimes. I attended Kaunda’s burial and it was very emotional – if PF were true human beings, most money spent on elections should have gone to compansate all UPND victims. You guys belong behind bars.

  8. You have just pleaded guilty to the crime of stealing elections which you did with impunity and falsely accused Mwaliteta and others of aggrevated robbery which you failed to prove in Courts and the gentlemen were acquitted, mean time you consolidated your illegal rule with premarket ballot papers which constitutes TREASON.

    So don’t be too comfortable after misunderstanding what HH said. The prison gates are waiting to open for all those who committed crimes.

  9. Why are all PF leaders worried?We voted UPND
    To come and recover all the wealth stolen not
    To forgive and forget.We have to use that money to pay towards our debt.

  10. HH will never arrest anybody. Appropriate institutions will charge snd arrest you. If yiu committed a crime against the people be very scared. Rule of law is back. Just watch the space!

  11. HH is not an arresting officer and people must realise that it is not the job of the president to decide who should be arrested or not. The police and anti corruption commission working in conjunction will be dealing with the issues. There simply should be no sacred cow, we have a lot of irregularities in auditor generals office reports and such need to be investigated. Fire truck scandals, the 48 houses, and abuse of authority,. We need to get to the bottom of that as a country. It is time for the law enforcement agencies to start working freely and independently as they were designed to.

  12. Thank for all people who have commented and please i know that it’s pains us but let us use good words since God answered our prayers.coming to Madam phiri HH said ,He will allow the enforcement wings to operate freely and do there works for the better of people of Zambia.Pf members who stole our money through corruption be prepare to be jailed or return the money.if you think sending congratulations messages and apologies letters to HH will help you, that is wasting your time, this country belongs to Zambian people ka and HH knows that better than you PF guys who wanted to divide the good country.

  13. Admission to senseless abuse of power and office resulting in negative effects on families. So far I can tell that HH’s statements are being misinterpreted already for the only thing said that I have gathered from the “unofficial” statements as president elect is that he’s not going to have people jailed for divergent views and nothing yet about pardons on state crimes! PF wants to direct the narrative of what the president has to do but the president has to speak for the 2.8 million voters! Please PF halt your desire to put words into the president’s mouth of what he has not said! Just self examine your conscience while the Bally you despised considers his national agenda! Ba Mumbi Phiri it’s always time to tell!

  14. If she does not wish to be arrested, she should simply tell the police what she did and promise to repay if she has truly repented. So I am just curious what wrong did she do we should hear them from her own mouth.

  15. Mumbi, be mindful that you will be accountable for the evil acts you were involved in as well as your colleagues and the law will take its course. The laws were meant for everyone and the environment to apply these laws is now ripe.

  16. Ba PF HH meant that he has forgiven you to the extent that he will not interfere with police duties. HH knows that he is not a police officer, unlike you guys. Remember he also said their will be zero tolerance to corruption. He did not say before his Presidency or during. You guys you deleted 7 years of the sweet of our sweat. You committed those crimes while also advertising your own evidence.

  17. People have misunderstood the speech by president HH. President HH never said justice will not prevail, he just said he has forgiven those who wronged him at a personal level and does not include crimes against other people or government.
    President HH has been very consistent in his message of not interfering in the institutions of government and he has always been saying that he will never use them to persecute his perceived enemies.
    So Mrs. Phiri you are yet to answer to law and the president will not interfere to either protect or prosecute anyone.

  18. These PF cadres and so called commanders and fake and rotten leaders like ECL, GBM, CK, DM, AM, EN, KZ must be forced to leave PF if it can be salvaged above the waters otherwise its gone and gone forever. MMD could have been better off but its dead now what about PF that is already rotten to the core – can it survive? the answer is no. There is no space in hell for it to survive this tide. Its gone and gone forever – bye bye. PF was created to steal and was surviving on stealing from the Government coffers and thats why it was existing. I am greatly sure that without the loot or vulnerable government cash it can never never survive – it impossible for it to survive. Look the HH government will need to find money to run government and they know that…

  19. Look the HH government will need to find money to run government and they know that these PF thugs have stollen a fortune from Zambia and recovering this money can make a huge difference in beefing up the government coffers so that they can also deliver as promised otherwise they will also fail to deliver. PF was the most reckless party in as far as misusing and stealing government money is concerned in the Zambian history. They have looted more than any other past parties combined. They have spent over K100million in their despearte compaigns of government money to give to chiefs, churches, students, union leaders, cadres, ministers, president, vice president, fake and bad leaders as staed here, posters, billboards, flags, vitenges, internet adverts all over the world, mobile money…

  20. They have spent over K100million in their despearte compaigns of government money to give to chiefs, churches, students, union leaders, cadres, ministers, president, vice president, fake and bad leaders as staed here, posters, billboards, flags, vitenges, internet adverts all over the world, mobile money deceits, radio and TV adverts, buying of GBM, CK Nawakwi, and other MPs. Where could they have gotten all the K100million kwacha. This is just on compaigns what about clear stealling by people like Chitotela, Kampyongo, Chitalu etc. The list is endless.

  21. She is hallucinating. I am pf but only pf members that did not steal should be not worried. So madam mumbi phiri and her worries is justified. To celebrate that HH will not arrest us and call him the best president ever is premature. The need to recover stolen money still stands. Anyway, all the best for you madam.


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