Thabo Kawana
Thabo Kawana

…as the two Permanent Secretaries condemn incarcerated Petauke Central Member of Parliament Emmanuel Jay Banda for unlawful recording

By Correspondent
INFORMATION and Media Permanent Secretary Thabo Kawana together with Home Affairs and Internal Security counterpart Dickson Matembo have confirmed visiting incarcerated Petauke Central Member of Parliament Emmanuel Jay Banda in hospital but deny forcing him to dennounce his abduction.

Kawana and Matambo have also condemned the distribution of the audio recording of the conversation they had with him which is making rounds on social media.

The duo have since disclosed that they are suing Banda for recording the conversation without their consent.

Kawana has confirmed visiting Banda at the hospital upon invitation from Banda and his uncle Chief Mumbi of Petauke in Eastern Province.

He explained that the visit was made in good faith and regretted that the other party seemed to have other intentions.

Kawana revealed that Banda proposed to disclose the truth regarding his alleged abduction in exchange for an MoU to be signed with his lawyers and for all his charges to be dropped and that the proposal was rejected by the two Permanent Secretaries.

And Home Affairs and Internal Security Permanent secretary Dickson Matembo has tasked the media and the general public to question details of Banda’s alleged abduction, which he said do not correlate.

Matembo added that it was unfortunate that some citizens including Banda’s lawyers made false statements on the matter, which have a legal implication on the Member of Parliament and are causing alarm in the country.

Banda has been under police custody since he May 26th, 2024, and sources close to the matter say government will not allow the detained lawmaker to implicate State House officials.


  1. The journalist here ( the writer) should also, report on their affected colleague who was urinated in the mouth as emphersised by the PS Media and where he asked them to play the whole video recording (recorded) so that they or we can hear all of us from the start up to the end as requested by PS Kawana.

    What is surprisingly enough, is where our journalists are not also talking much on their friend who was humiliated – beaten , robbed of his belongings and money and asked to open his mouth so that the same gentleman JJ could urinate in his mouth. I just imagine, how he felt for him ( journalist ) to surrender to them or him, he was really in no strong position hence to surrender and how he is feeling now, how his family is feeling while his fellow professionals in his field carry on to promote and make news of the offender ignoring him – their own. Very worrying indeed, I see how money can blind and at times corrupt the minds of some people.

    It’s like a person who was in full employment and when he stopped work, the people he used to mingle with and share ideas with completely side line and ignore him because he was no longer relevant to them others is because of the love of money once they are paid huge sums of money, their focus goes to cover for their short-lived paid in the dark hidden money. But like age, others Lough at the elderly forgetting that they are also grow old when time comes, reflections will start now being brought forth by a bulldozer. It will bring everything both done in the open ( light ) and in darkness including the evil things. You will remember, like is the case of this former post news paper staffer who was badly treated by the person his own professional team members in the field of journalism is promoting.

    Looking at how PS Kawana when emphasizing his point on the Journalist and how he feels for him, during that press conference and also his body language you could really tell his conclusion with the current crop of some journalists if he was to speak his mind out, but he reserved such in the shaking of his head and bend it Abit – that was strong message but the Judas Iscariot could not see, only serve for their stomach. Ooh no, ” the Journalists we have in the country”. Not all but some.

    Very sad indeed

    We will wait to see and hear, how and indeed – if indeed they will ask for the whole video to be played, we will see and wait to hear if the person who went to the abandoned JJs vehicle and the one at whose residence JJ was dumped on how both managed to have the numbers of those they called who are relatives and party members of JJ and PF respectively. We will wait and see to hear from the Medea using their investigative skills how they will follow up the case including for their own who was urinated in the mouth.

    Time will tell because I have seen like the PS said if it was Aljasera, BBC or CNN for their own it was going to be a big story but let alone our Zambian journalists


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