Wear chitenges and knickers at funerals – village headman


Wear chitenges and knickers at funerals – village headman

Mukoma village headman Geoffrey Sinkala went off his speech to warn women believed to be in a habit of not wearing underwears when attending funerals.

The controversial statement was made at the burial of the three-year-old girl who died in a septic tank at home in Nakonde district.

Mr Sinkala says he’s concerned that despite attempts to privately address the matter, some mourners have continued to undermine Zambian cultural standards.

“You are very important, please stop this. You cannot be wearing chitenges(wrappers) without putting on other clothes. Like this it’s easy for everyone to see through. Who do you want to show nakedness? What are you going to teach your children?”

Men were not spared too. The traditional leader base in Nakonde central warned men who sell and drink alcohol at funerals.

“I’ve already reported to the police those of you that sell kachasu because there’s no way you can find pride in drinking when your friends are grieving,” he said on Monday afternoon.

Favour Nakamba died on Saturday when she allegedly attempted to run across the soakaway while playing with another toddler.

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