Highvie Hamududu

Hiyvie Hamududu has praised President Hakainde Hichilema (HH) for managing to secure the International Monitory Fund (IMF) 1.3 billion bailout fund for Zambia.

The IMF has just approved the long awaited fund for the Southern Africa county that is grappling with debt of about $15 Billion.

Hamududu an Economist and leader of the opposition Party for National Unity (PNU) says the IMF is the feasible option for Zambia’s economic situation.

“In our current foreign debt distress situation and prevailing global economic play, the IMF backed economic reform programme remains the most feasible solution,” Hamududu said.

He said the USD 1.3 billion IMF supported economic reform programme approval deserves commendation!

“This is good for our economic recovery process, so well done President Hakainde Hichilema and your team for this milestone, a good base for further positive economic reforms,” said Hamududu.

But other opposition parries feel IMF was not the best option.

Socialist Party president Fred M’membe says IMF has never helped Zambia predicting it would end in tears.


  1. Twalumba Highvie! The UPND red blood is still flowing in you and you can support your colleagues even while you are in the opposition – well done omusankwa!

  2. If you say IMF programs have never worked in Zambia?
    Ask your self the type of Presidents that have ruled Zambia. Where they capable rulers or simply eliminators of educated capable Leaders.
    We lost most qualified Finance Minister, Mr. Chigaga as he came from Paris Club at our Lusaka International Airport.
    If you lose such educated people; where do you think you can go.

    Ask yourself. Which other freedom fighter in Zambia ruled this country?

    No body.

    You see now. The only surviving industry in Zambia and proposed by the only and only son of Zambia who opposed One Party System is ZAFFICO. He was condemned in the sixties by his best friend.

    From 1964 we were buying timber from Malasia.

    Our son of the soil said that we must start to plant the soft wood.

    Many people cried that people where dying of hunger and you are planting trees only they did not understand this son of the soil.

    Today I am happy we have as President one of the sons of our Zambian soil.

    Zambia after so many years, hunger is still around.

    Lets allow our son of our soil to do what Zambia should have done in 1968.
    Zambia Forward!


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