Well-known Ugandan pastor escapes assassination attempt

The pastor's bodyguard was shot dead during the attack

Well-known Ugandan religious leader and businessman Aloysius Bugingo was attacked by some people with guns in Kampala, but he was not hurt. Unfortunately, his bodyguard was killed in the attack.

The attackers shot at Pastor Bugingo’s car while he was driving home on Tuesday night in the Namungoona area. The attackers ran away on a motorcycle.

MrBugingo got hurt in the attack but he still drove the car to a hospital close by, according to the police.

The pastor’s bodyguard, Richard Muhumuza, died from being shot, the police said.

“We are carefully watching the security camera videos to find the attackers,” the police said. They also found that the place where the incident happened had been messed with.

The police said someone tried to murder someone else.

Pastor Bugingo, who started House of Prayer Ministries International, strongly supports the ruling party in Uganda.

We don’t know why the attack happened, but Uganda has been seeing a lot of gun violence lately, with some important people being killed in Kampala.


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