CATHOLIC Priest Fr Charles Munungwe says some people who claimed to speak for the poor have gone mute after being given positions and food.

Delivering his homily, Tuesday, Fr Munungwe said this did not mean that those who stopped speaking for the poor were possessed, but rather that they had found what they were lacking.

“Jesus is able to heal, to liberate and to save us. In the time of Jesus in this history, there was this man who was mute, possessed. Because of the demon, he couldn’t speak.

So when you find your neighbour not speaking, you say they are possessed. In today’s world, not all of our friends are possessed because they don’t speak….



  1. What I found very astonishing, is the sermons that almost all the Catholic priests led by their big priest or bishop Banda of Lusaka has now spearheading to feed their flock – the negative and provoking political message and if critically analysed, is tilted against HH. Starting from the time towards elections, when one of their priest openly said in his sermon as usual that, better they rig elections than for HH to win and rule Zambia.

    When HH tried to explain the economic position of the Country, before, now and what is expected of us in future ( prediction) they again, the Catholic priests twisted the truth and play it casually to say graphs, graphs comparing graphs with a lump of Nshima ( ulutoshi lwabwali – come on, be serious ) even when they know that almost all conversations/meetings /reports in the country and with our partners globally are explained and shared using the tools that have been developed which are also being taught in Catholic schools. But with them, it is a plainly thing just like they sometimes preach when one dies even in sin that they have to be prayed for so that such a one can be forgiven and go to paradise, where? Salvation is by one accepting the Lord Jesus Christ by his own mouth when he or she is still alive, once one dies nothing can be changed that was not done while living. So they want to bring the self confessed snake, a poisonous living being in whose period of rule, the blood of innocent citizens was spilled on/in the soil in this country and still crying under the soil – talk of Lawrence Banda during a bye election in western province Nsama Nsama and Joseph Kaunda not forgetting many people who died during gassing and today You can join hands to defend such a blatant being and condemn the innocent while well knowingly the mistakes and wrong doings of (your) the snake? No! No! you people ( some priests not all ) be wise and see things as they are. Yes we know, the cost of living is high, hunger can be here today but it is not for ever, all these things if critically analysed were created by Lungu and his PF, HH found them and he is doing his level best to correct the situation, just as he said in opposition that he will fix it and he is just doing like that, but I am very surprised to see men of God joining hands with the snake and praising the murderer who is un-repentant to destabilise the good work that is being done by the current President and his administration?. Very surprising indeed.

    To tell you the truth, the hard working citizens will use their God given wisdom, energy to plough the land and grow more food than always relying on handouts, how many times will the thieves continue stealing and giving the less prevelleged in society? Please! Please! Kindly promote hardwork it pays. Also encouraging or tell citizens people to take their children to school, do skills training because it has benefits and stabilizes ones position in society.Those in employment have at least something to rely on, those in business have at least something to rely on, those on farming have got to rely on but slow down on those stealing because they will disturb someone’s plans and future. A case in point of PF distroying the future of Zambia and minds of our future generations. We can’t allow that. NO! NO! NO! please Catholic priests. Preach Christ and Him alone who was crucified on the cross of Calvary. He brought Salvation but you are bringing salvage and confusion, He Brought and preached love, peace and unity because HIM, the Lord Jesus Christ is love but you are bringing disunity, regionalism, tribalism confusion and preaching hatred. So why? are, some of you selected ones bringing all these embarrassments to the United body of Christ. Of course you can speak where things have gone wrong but to make it a song of every time preaching and encouraging disunity and holding grages like that young woman who was following Apostle Paul and speaking good of him yet she was sent by her evil masters who were benefiting from her but when she was delivered they, her masters were very angry but the girl was relieved, the case in point.

    So please do what is right at the right time than doing wrong at the right time time is sin. Lungu needs repentance, let no one speak good of him while he is carrying the bad things on his shoulder as you can see on his face, you are not helping and even those following him blindly don’t feel for the multitudes who died during gassing. There life in the blood. Though him Lungu did certain things right but Alot of bad things were dad by him knowingly including in the bye – elections, refusing to hand over power to the speaker during presidential petition, arresting HH moret than 15 times, attacking HH at his home with a multitude of Police office urinating and defecating on the beds in most of the rooms in HHs house, threatening to arrest him after 2021 elections, allowing that man from Uganda to manipulate figures in the electral commission of Zambia server room in 2015 or 2016 elections and allowing and helping him to run away even when the police wanted to do their job, not giving even a single road under local government to the people of North Western Province ( sidelining this Province) but in all these management of his rule you were no where to be heard let alone the changed Telesford Mpundu who was at least there to speak for everyone. So what are you saying and what is your motive

    So better you change your approval off evil things and be in the middle of the equation.

    • Known HH critics among Catholic clergy have themselves not said one word during their sermons about someone’s small change of 400, 000 US dollars in cash entrusted not with a commercial bank but some relatives in the compounds.

  2. Catholic priests have solutions to every problem outside the Catholic Church but it seems not inside the organisation. They’re masters of monologue and not dialogue through engagement. Many politicians who have let down this country are members of the Catholic Church. Why not engage them at that level? Some people who have stolen government money are also Catholics. So let these priests help with some crimes during confessions.


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