“When a widow has big buttocks the elders do not waste time to bury her husband”


When A Widow Has Big Buttocks:

“When a widow has big buttocks the elders do not waste time to bury her husband”

UPND leaders didn’t waste time to burry the grassroots and ideologies of they party when they realised that there was too much money that came with appointments, and through corruption they knew they would be rich so those they fought with were quickly ignored.

Most UPND grassroots members who were in employment have been fired by corrupt UPND appointed bosses for fear of being discovered. Those who were promised opportunities have their numbers blocked or deleted, sadly they are considered cadres so they can’t even be seen when they visit offices in person.

The appointed UPND bossed have learnt to hope tight and climb the ropes of corruption so anyone they knew is a threat and has been fired. Their friends are now the PF who still have money and knowledge to teach what to do to continue corruption with UPND new leaders.

As long as a person was giving UPND leaders information whilst in opposition about PF’s corruption activities whilst in power, that person became a target to UPND leaders for knowing too much.

UPND couldn’t clean the system in public institutions but fired their sympathisers who knew too much because appointed government officials went in bed with corrupt former PF Ministers and PSs.

The President must know this otherwise he is working with snakes. President Hakainde Hichilema is surrounded by unreasonable Ministers and PSs.

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