Why does he leave behind his Press Secretary?- Chanoda Ngwira


Chanoda Ngwira Wrote

Those days when you hear ati George Chellah olo Amos Chanda will be addressing the media ninshi ne chalo chaiminina waiting to hear what really the President has to tell the nation through his mouth piece.

These days, uyu muntu can be on radio and people will not even know or pay attention.

RT: Kasabo Mutale Kalusa


  1. Checks and balances…. ..So many people on this trip ..ooh why does he leave out his Press aide ..ooh why has he picked Madam Doreen Mwamba …ooh why does he leave his wife behind…Ooh what is the relevance of the first lady on these trips?

    Ba PF what type of bitterness is this ?

  2. No wonder he does not seem to know his job description. There are actually people who represent him. We are always told only a small delegation is allowed but the names of these are not shared.

  3. George Chellah olo Amos Chanda were talking because the president was a form 3. He was notable to articulate anything. Did he ever said anything sensible, ever? In any case what has that to do with PF? What is your issue?


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