1. A Lozi child never seats in his/her fathers seat (even when he is not home)
2. A Lozi child never speaks back when being spoken to by elders (its taboo to even say a word)
3. A Lozi child kneels with clasped hands before elders

4. A lozi child will never move an object left by elders from its original position
5. A Lozi child has no idea what his/her parents bedroom looks like

6. A father’s cup or plate is no go area for a Lozi child
7. A Lozi child will not introduce strange religions in a parents home
8. Defaming the Litunga is blasphemy to a Lozi

9. A lozi child will never be allowed to have more than one way to explain anything (prevents the mouth to ever be crooked)

10. Uncles, Aunties and Cousins literally don’t exist among Lozi’s, only fathers, mothers brothers and sisters.
11. Lozi children never ever handle money till they are 14 years and above.. the parents buy them everything. Even adult Lozi’s literary shake when they handle money because of childhood discipline

If you are Lozi you are gold to society. Your childhood training fits you for wisdom. Lets keep our cultural respect intact and train our children to be the pearls in this confused world.
God Bless Lozis, God Bless Zambia!


  1. No sense some of the things. I have come across these tribal cousins who are crooked corrupt and swindlers. Has long we are from Adams race . We are sinful like a fallen race.


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