Why was Inonge Wina not recognised by the Barotse Royal Establishment?

By Shalala Oliver Sepiso

Did any of you get the vibe that while she was Veep she did alot for her people for them to recognise her back?

Please make a distinction between being so great for Zambia as a nation and being great for Barotseland and it’s people.

Those recognised recognised Barotseland and it’s interests and didn’t push Zambian interests that were at variance with the “mbunga”.

Hope you get it now.

Hint: Follow the trajectory of her husband too. Where did Arthur Wina stand in terms of Barotseland and the Lozi people vs Zambian nationalist interest that stripped the rights of Barotseland?



  1. How can she be recognized when she was the one who corruptly went in the witches hour to look for a Judge to endorse Lungu’s fraudulent selection only for him and his minions to come and gas innocent Zambians?

  2. Tribalism at its peak, were now people start dishonouring their children because they associate with particular regions of Zambia. Eish! Makani abija! Last time I checked I found very nice tarred urban roads in Mongu CBD. The Mongu-Kalabo bridge across Zambezi River, the most expensive project in the history of Zambia. The works at Lewanika General Hospital, Participation of women in Cashew growing, Water Reticulation, Clinics etc, What more Mama Inonge the PF and Zambian Republican Vice President could have done? Zambia is bigger than Western Province. Ask the Rwandese they will tell you. Bembas say “ushitasha mwana wandoshi.” I for one I love Mama Inonge and what she has done for Zambia and not Western Province. Keep the faith Mama. A great reward is from God. After all we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. One Zambia One Nation!

  3. careful due to ignorance and political gimmicks you may be trading on very thing ice.

    The former VP is part of the family by virtual of her birth. Deep family ties exist there so don’t play politics using her name.

    Leave this issue it’s a family affair and you can not separate them. That is where her roots belong. Not even PF can change that. Besides you guys had seven years why did you recognize her then.

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