Wife Says Husband Is Not Her “Type” After Years Of Staying Together


Nigerian woman Princess Janet reflects on marrying a man who wasn’t her physical preference, sharing that even her sister found him handsome.

She humorously speculates if her “village people” influenced her perception.

Princess reveals her ideal preference but emphasizes the importance of accepting God’s plan over personal preferences.

Read statements below…

“My hubby was not my spec. “I remember discussing with my sister after my hubby made his intention known that he wants to marry me. “I told my sister he wasn’t handsome, I said he was just there sha. “My sister said, send his picture let me see, I sent it and she was like are you sure village people haff not use chew gum to cover your eyes like this. “How can you say this handsome man is not fine” she said. “Looking back, I don’t know if it is because Dark, tall and pink lip is my spec or village people actually tried to cover my eye with chew gum, for me not to see say na fine bobo.”


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