Will the formation of Political Alliances be trusted again in the near future following the outcome of the UPND Alliance?- Nasson Msoni



Will the formation of Political Alliances be trusted again in the near future following the outcome of the UPND Alliance ?

The answer is an emphatic No.

Undoubtedly it will be extremely difficult in future to convince political leaders to work together for purposes of presenting a Unified and inclusive front.

In the context of the fragmentation of political parties in Zambia, Political Alliances seemingly make a good case of reducing the splitting of votes and in presenting an inclusive national unity image preferred by the majority voters.

Whereas as political Alliances are undoubtedly the future of Zambian politics but it is the individuals ultimately chosen to the leadership of the Alliances who cannot be trusted.

Political Alliances are not provided for in the Republican constitution and as such this leaves the other constituting political parties completely vulnerable to political manipulation and deceit by the chosen sponsoring political party.

Ultimately the chosen sponsoring political party upon winning the elections exclusively claims credit for itself to the exclusion of other constituting political parties and worse still refuses to share responsibilities. Political Party Alliances in essence are real power sharing entities.

Overpowering other political parties upon winning the elections is short lived political victory and in essence is exercising poor judgment as the power base rapidly shrinks. The voters clearly see through the insincerity and the treacherous behavior of the party that was elected on the basis of belonging to an Alliance.

Political Alliances are meant for honest and trustworthy individuals. They’re forged on the basis of a gentleman agreement as they’re not provided for in the Republican constitution.

In a nutshell the concept of a true successful Alliance should hinge on the integrity and credibility of the chosen flag bearer.
Nasson Msoni
All Peoples Congress ( APC)


  1. Mr Msoni appears to be living in deep regret. He feels cheated and i wonder what he was promised. It appears the deal has not been delivered hence this apparent bitterness. It would help if Mr Msoni told us what he was promised instead of ever lamenting and ralking of mistrust . Mr Msoni sir, please let us know the deal you nade in the alliance which has not been delivered so that we commiserate with you.

  2. The main objective of the Alliance has been achieved. Unless there are any other issues which were outlined. Lets see, the Choma Declaration was a step to oblivion of multi Party Democracy. The CD had many issues which were not fulfilled and as such many freedom fighters were not even honored. Who are those that made the journey to London possible in 1964? Main people sold their cattle for the London trip.

    Now, The Alliance came into being because Zambians did NOT what any body to go for third term. So therefore, the objective of the Alliance was in line with our constitution. It worked. It did not border on appointments nor appropriation of funds. The objective was purely political in line with our constitution. The pecuniary was not part of the Alliance. So therefore, the is no need to lose heart and the greater affection for our country.
    Their are still greater things we want to achieve for our country. Lets soldier together.

  3. You give a general view without reference to a case of a failing political alliance. Of course you know that the UPND alliance is intact leaving you without a base to what you are writing. Do not write for the sake of being known you are still around. We want substance.

  4. People in Africa should come to terms with how African alliances work, they are temporal solutions to oust the political power in government period, beyond that they revert to single entities, once people understand this fact, they will have less headaches. When an alliance has succesfully ousted a party in government, they cease to be alliances and the best at that point is now to merge because the party that now forms government will be busy governing and will not have time for alliance politics because politics only come into play at election time. In my writtings I have time and again advised alliance partners who want to take part in governance to just merge with the party in power because five years is a long time and during that time some may be absorbed into governance, but for alliances to cheat themselves that they can still govern as alliance partners is a fallacy. Alliances is politics and differs radically from governance.

    • You are right. The question is what was the motive of joining an alliance?
      Was it to get a job if the alliance wins etc. Remember us Africans are too greed (like lions when there is food on the table) to work together. Lions can hunt together but can kill each when sharing the food they hunted together.


      When an alliance has successfully ousted a party in government, they cease to be alliances and the best at that point is now to merge because the party that now forms government will be busy governing and will not have time for alliance politics because politics only come into play at election time.

      I do agree with you, WE ARE TOO GREED TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER, we are not humble.

  5. This man called Mr Msoni thought he is so clever that people wouldn’t see through his lies.
    The man was sitting on the fence and ONLY decided to join the Alliance 2 months before Election day when he saw the direction the momentum was going and knew UPND was going to win.
    What was his contribution in the fight for change? He should tell us what he actually did or the part he played in the fight! The answer is Zero. He did nothing and he knows it but is not saying it!
    This must be a lesson to all opportunists like Mson that want to reap where they did not sow. A genuine Alliance Partner wouldn’t wait for 23 years of UPND in opposition until 2 months before the election to join hands and expect to appointed as Cabinet minister, he’ll NO. The fact is this loud whinger contributed nothing and must shut up!

  6. Honestly speaking, how many votes did Mr Msoni’s party contribute to the UPND win? How about KBF and many others who are the party and followers themselves who actually read the mood and became, members of the alliance a few miniutes before midnight? Awe bane let’s be truthful even to ourselves.

    • After reading the mood few days before elections you join the alliance and later claim that you are a strategist and want to be rewarded ,can you imagine!

  7. From the narrative by Mr msoni, I understand that he wanted us to look at post- upnd alliance when it fails or succeeds. Okay let us do that:
    1. When it succeeds, as intended, upnd will be appreciated and entrenched in this nation as a good governing party. Those in the alliance will be appreciated by zambians and urged to join upnd or dissolve their parties and join upnd. But those individuals and political parties that remain in the alliance but keep on complaining, they will be shown the door.
    2. If and when it fails, as it is now. Upnd will continue to govern. Alliance partners will complain. Again they partners will learn to adhere to purpose of the alliance without adding own desires. Further partners will learn not to join alliances as opportunists. Instead they will opt to dissolve and join the winning team or continue fight as single entities.
    These two scenarios are a reality and no massaging will help. Good day sir msoni

  8. Alliances work for everyone that adheres to the purposes of the alliance. Mr. Msoni you brought nothing to the alliance table. You have never had an MP, not even a Councillor. We have never heard of you campaigning anywhere nor holding a convention. Just shut up instead of embarrassing your children and family by whinning like you have any following.


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