Worrying Aspects about the 2023 National Budget- Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba


Worrying Aspects about the 2023 National Budget

By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

● It’s a consumption budget.

● It will rely on extensive borrowing and budget-deficit financing as seen in the 2022 Budget where treasury bills and government bonds financed the budget and the local bond debt has since ballooned to $12 billion (K203billion).

● Domestic revenue mechanism extremely poor, leaving out the mines and the mining sector.

● Relying on gambling, betting, games and lottery for increased domestic revenue and literally encouraging gambling despite its known dangers. Gambling itself is a corrosive social vice and phenomenon where the population participating in gambling suffer reduced financial savings, bankruptcy, feelings of regret and loss, stress, anxiety and mental health.

● Turning national strategic investment of TAZARA into a carrier of finished products….

Various Policy Briefs and Parliamentary Reports have researched and discussed these strategies extensively and have shown the best model is investment in turning INDENI into a full Refinery and rehabilitation of TAZAMA. A casual search of these documents show that they have rejected proposals to convert TAZAMA into a finished products carrier.

This is because the Pipeline carrying petrol or diesel can’t be policed as it is 1,700km from Kigamboni, Dar-es-Salaam to the Refinery in Ndola. This will turn the liquid gold(finished fuel products) into a corridor of large-scale theft, vandalism.l and.might even bear bandits and insurrection benefiting from vandalizing the product as seen in Nigeria.

● Abandoning completely, a strategic product- Fuel, to the private sector, which appears to be the sole motivation to abandon both TAZAMA and INDENI. These are national strategic assets especially that Zambia is a land-locked state, and the assets were built at great cost.

● Turning INDENI Refinery into a blender!

● failure to apolgise for poor implementation of the 2022 National Budget.

For example of the K25.7m Constituency Development Fund, only K5.6million was released. And of this ,only 4% has been utilized!



  1. When PF was destroying the country he was quiet and sometimes even defending them just because he was eating with them. Today he wants to look smart against the people trying to repair the massive damage they caused. Some people really have no shame.

  2. The 2023 budget is so good that even ctitics like Mwamba, who never see any good in others, have absolutely nothong sensible to say. We knew they would issue negatives. Only this time their augments are totally invalid and baseless. Mwamba times change and so must we. We shouldnt allow ouraelves to be left behind simply because if an old TAZAMA pipeline. Lets lets be forward looking , we are about to build a new pipeline from oil rich Namibia next door bringing in processed oil. Zimbabwe next door is a new oil frontier. We have Angola next door. All we need are new pipelines bringing in refined products and liquified gas. Mr Mwamba we shall soon have energy boom. Hasn’t Tanzania diacovered oil and gas? What about Uganda, with an export pipeline through Tanzania? Isnt Mozambique gas and oil sufficient? Truly Mr Mwamba times have changed. Please dont remain behind LEVEL UP.

  3. Mwamba has the heart and brain of a chayote, he barks a lot at everything making lots of noise but is wholly empty in the head, zero! That ka Katangese tribalistic bigot is a lunatic.

  4. Mwamba , from the word go he will never accept or admit that , our President is working according to plan , he will continue saying rubbish , anyway l don’t blame him , because since they lost elections in August , 2021 he has stopped thinking properly , maybe the President can have mercy on him and take him to Chainama Hospital for medication , l stand to be corrected if l’m not right on this one please .

  5. But wait a minute. Is it true that out K25.7 million of much talked about cdf only K6.5 million was released and out of that which was released only 4% was used? If that is true, then the country is in for serious trouble and jokes.


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