Chinese President Xi Jinping has invited President Dr Lazarus Chakwera to attend the 2023 China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo as a special guest.

The invitation includes the commitment of the Chinese Government to cover all costs of travel, accommodation, and logistics for the President and his delegation.

The Chinese Ambassador to Malawi Long Zhou made the remarks at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe on Wednesday when he presented the official invitation letter to Dr Chakwera at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe, emphasising the Chinese government’s fulfilment of its promise to invite the President as a guest of their government.

The Chinese Ambassador also highlighted that the expo offers an opportunity for Malawi to showcase its products and exports to China. – MBC Online Services.


  1. President Xi Jinping is not a fool…He will make sure the American stooge and puppet in Zambia is squeezed, isolated , until he eats humble pie.

    • Just relax Sir, today is a Public Holiday, akunweni ko utumenshi, Kanabesa. Incessant and continous negative criticisms is corrosive to you like acid. Kuti mwafwa bwangu kuli BP nangu Stress before 2026, I am sure your Political Party still needs your one single vote in 2026 to remove the current Party in government which you seem to hate so much, hahaha!! In my mother tongue we say “Ishuko lyamunobe….” , let the Malawian President also go to China and get their share of the Chinese Loans, we already obtained enough Chinese Loans to last us the rest of our normal existence on Earth, loans which we obtained with “our eyes closed” and some of the Loans we may even have looted into our pockets!

    • Yes ba Road of Shame, Xi and the Chinese are not fools that is why they kept giving the PF government lots of money even when they knew that they had no capacity to payback. They set a very nice trap for us and our PF leaders led us into the ditch while the likes of you were cheering Mr. Chikwanda on.

      Now we are in deep debt and our sovereignty is compromised. Exactly what the Chinese anticipated and wanted. It is not about HH, it is about our sovereignty. The PF sold us into slavery, to the Chinese. If we fail to pay back or default, the Chinese (of whom you seem to be a stooge) might grab Zesco. This is not my imagination running wild, it is a real possibility.


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