While Self internationally proclaimed Dj Kandeke was spending his time denying a child who has his exact Fruiticana bottle shaped head on social media and illustrating how the child mother abandoned him when he had nothing, Copperbelt musician were doing the opposite from the little they earn.

Most Zambian men are known for Denying pregnancies in order to run away from diaper and milk Responsibilities, Y Celeb is Known for Copperbelt pure high grade Insults and Hit songs like “Ku chalo” Kitwe based Rapper Y-Celeb days after adding a Toyota Fortuner to his fleet, the Rapper has added another Child into his home.

The Rapper has adopted A child miner popularly known as “Commander Kapwenshima”, Before meeting with Y-Celeb, Kapwenshima was nothing but an upcoming illegal miner patrolling the dangerous copper infested Senseli open pit mine that has swallowed the lives of many youths in Chingola, he was also a very well known junkie who was moving up and down on the streets of the Jerabo infested Copperbelt Province like a Gabbage collection truck, the musician as moved in like a government or like a thief in the night with a vision of sending Kapwenshima to school first and guide him in life as his mentor.

Y-CELEB already takes care of a another baby popularly known as super kena, with baby Kapwenshima added to his home, the Rapper now has full Responsibity of 2 children under his care, a move that Most Zambian men the likes of Chanda brian or Magnet can not dare, including those with money can not attempt, most Zambian men would infact rather just get trapped in Senseli mine and die than accept responsibility of a child yet alone Take care of one.


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