YO MAPS: The Wife Has Not Helped His Image & Kwacha Awards Showed Just That- Oliver Shalala


YO MAPS: The Wife Has Not Helped His Image & Kwacha Awards Showed Just That

“Kulyotempas guys”.

Firstly, accept that what happened last night really hit you hard. Ask the Chipani how they felt last year. Same same.

Secondly, just accept that your choice is not other peoples choice and you are powerless to change their minds. Insulting or demeaning them can only make it worse for you. We live in a democracy when we have choices. And there can only be one winner at every time.

Those saying the awards have no merit but are based on emotions you are forgetting that the cause was also based on emotions. She should have known better at the very beginning. Now she has embarrassed her hubby. Ba Hubby nabo no manly authority. He could have taken charge of the situation way back. But he thought his star was too huge for disciplinary action.

Art is judged by the public that consumes it. The public is sane enough to decide what is technically sound and what is not. Talent alone doesn’t sell. The artists character is always a factor. We all know what happened to stars like Amy Winehouse. In this specific case, people won’t accept being disrespected then you ask for their votes or money at ticket sales.

The essays we are seeing today from musicians, cadres, politicians, and other casting aspersions on the disciplinary committee and Chile 1 and trying to console Yo Maps shows that you people were clueless about how Zambians operate.

Happy that you are now awake. Keep taking notes. You will need them.

And as my brother Dee puts it, we can be petty… that’s how we operate!😅 Allow us to be petty.

Credit: Oliver Shalala


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