Zambia appeals to SADC and AU to help resolve the diplomatic dispute with Zimbabwe

Mnangagwa, Hichilema

Zambia says it has appealed to SADC and AU to help resolve the diplomatic dispute with Zimbabwe.

Foreign Minister Mulambo Haimbe says Mnangagwa’s recent remarks in Russia were “an unwarranted attack on Zambia’s sovereignty”, and Zambia wants the matter “decisively and conclusively addressed” by the regional bodies.

In a viral video, Mnangagwa is captured telling Russian President Vladimir Putin how the Americans are consolidating their relationship on the security front with Zambia.

He went on to beg Russia to offer military support to Zimbabwe so as to counter any threats to its sovereignty.

“The West have just begun consolidating their power in Zambia, our next neighbour. You know, there was a time that Zambia and Zimbabwe were one, it was called Northern and Southern Rhodesia. It was one but we’re now separate.

“The Americans are consolidating their power in that country, both in terms of security and financial support to Zambia, to make sure that we feel lonely,” said Mnangagwa.

“Zimbabwe considers the Russian Federation as a consistent global ally. Strength lies in our unity, adaptability and innovation.”


  1. We have lived side by side with Zimbabwe with no problems since their independence.

    What has changed? Why this division now?


    Vote wisely in 2026.

    • Indigo Tryol fuseki you are just a PF criminal with nothing to offer Mambala iwe. Yes we shall wisely vote for HH again in 2026 without your directive. Abash guntrotting and Panga Wielding PF criminals for good.

    • Ba Indigo, this is not something new. We have had diplomatic spats with Zimbabwe before. If you recall under Mr. Mwanawasa, our relations hit rocky waters when our President referred to Zimbabwe as the Titanic because of the economic/political problems they were having.

      The President of Zimbabwe, Mr. Munangagwa is currently having deep economic/political problems after rigging the harmonized elections. His utterances to Mr. Putin are an effort to try to deflect attention from the woes in his backyard and also unite his people against a nonexistent external threat.

      Clearly, Mr. Putin must have been shocked and dismayed by Mr. Munangagwa’s utterances. He sounded so pathetic pleading for military and FOOD aid.

      Mr. Munangagwa’s biggest threat is not Zambia. It is within. After all, did Zimbabwe need outside help to get rid of Mr. Mugabe? Who got rid of Mr. Mugabe? I will leave you to answer the two questions ba Indigo.

  2. Haimbe focus on delivery this is non sense and if Russia wants to listen a leader who has brought Zero value to Zimbabwe but for empty rethoric. Join this empty statements that bear no value to Zambians.

  3. Most goods in zimbabwe are coming from zambia. Those guys have no currency of their own, no means of production, shortages etc. They don’t know zambia is a sovereign state and they can’t interfere in our matters just like we don’t interfere in theirs even though we know there is no democracy there and elections are always rigged so they should leave us alone otherwise it’s them who will suffer.

  4. If Mnangagwa doesn’t want to be our friend, let him be, why pleading with him. SADC has many members and are all at peace with Zambia, what is the problem with him and why only Zimbabwe?


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