Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) disagree with Archbishop Alick Banda


Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) disagree with Archbishop Alick Banda.

By Eagle Reporter

Secretary General of the Zambia Conference of the Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) Fr. Francis Mukosa has distanced the Catholic Church from the confrontational stance taken by one of its Bishops Alick Banda of Lusaka Archdiocese.

In a meeting between the ZCCB and Vice President Mutale Nalumango, Fr Mukosa said that Homosexuality was unacceptable but Homosexuals must not be be criminalised.

“Although the Church does not accept homosexual tendencies, homosexuals are not criminals and they must therefore not be criminalised. They are still human beings even though we do not accept their tendencies”.

This is in sharp contrast with the narratives of Archbishop Alick Banda who has called on homosexuals to be rounded up and arrested. He blames the tendency on the current government and particularly President Hakainde Hichilema who he accuses of abetting the vice.

Most Catholics have disapproved the confrontational stance adopted by Archbishop Banda and accuse him of personalising the issue using a Catholic platform to champion his personal dislike for President Hichilema.


  1. What does the law say? Does it say it is criminal or not. Change the law to suit what people think but in the meantime , follow the law.

  2. This sounds very fake news: ““Although the Church does not accept homosexual tendencies, homosexuals are not criminals and they must therefore not be criminalised. They are still human beings even though we do not accept their tendencies”. The Statutes are very clear – and as they are, right now, homosexuality is criminal in this country and nobody has the right to interpret anyhow. To disagree with what Archbishop Banda said on homosexuality is wrong, very misleading, and criminal in fact.

  3. Are there criminals who are not humans? If the law criminalizes homosexual, those who practice it are criminals. You cannot start debating this when even with God it is an insult to be gay and lesbian. It is like you are telling God that he did not know the best way to make things.

  4. This is a fake story. We Catholics in Africa don’t entertain homosexuality, may be in Europe. Archbishop Alick Banda is not one of the Bishops in the Catholic Church, he’s our Archbishop, point of correction to this fake author. Archbishop Alick Banda didn’t say Homos are criminals, he said it’s against the teachings of the Bible and even African traditions don’t have room for homos! So don’t be political about it, that’s why you are losing bye elections because you are politicising even homosexuality.

  5. Homosexuality is a crime in Zambian laws, so there is no saying homosexuals are not criminals. The homosexuality debate should not be political, it is a law enforcement issue. It is being pushed by the opposition because they have nothing to debate.

  6. The UPND and the President has said on numerous occasions that the President is not a mason and he does not support homosexuality stating that he is one of the Elders in the SDA church, a christian for that matter. Citizens must not believe propagandists like Bishop Alick Banda. After this homosexuality issue Bishop Banda will bring the issue of mason membership to continue attacking President Hichilema. Under this breeze of good air blowing across our country where freedoms that were trumped upon have resurfaced, things are looking better for Zambia, citizens will fall pray to PF surrogates like Bishop Banda who hid under the veil of the PF government to vomit all manner of poisonous grudge against President Hichilema and the UPND. Now PF is gone, he is hiding behind the Catholic church. Even under the atrocities of PF, Alick Banda never voiced any opposing view to the PF. Alick Banda must resign because he is not Catholic. He went there for a job only for he has no resemblance to Jesus Christ with his hatred of our beloved President. Hatred is sin.For a long time, he has never agreed with the rest of the Bishops because his DNA is PF rather than a Catholic Bishop. IF he does not resign on his own, we ask the catholic system to have him resign.
    As for UPND we are the ruling party and can not allow a PF Bishop to become a surrogate of this magnitude. Bishop Banda must not dare the party membership in this country because the party has to continue working with the church. It is better the rotten groundnut is removed from the good ground nut. Therefore, Banda should not stretch his luck so far. Resign and continue to use the money PF paid you when they were in opposition.

  7. Kanwakahosha, ka Lui mwabwa ka Lunda Mwambwa. It is not homosexuals these people are after. They hate HH7 so much that they want the International community to stop supporting the Hichilema Administrations economic recovery, so that the economy stays permanently ruined so that their tribesmen will bounce back to power. Apart from Lubinda and Nakachinda who are useful fools look at the names of the people driving the hate campaign. They are the same people who were saying a Tonga will never be President.


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