ZAMBIA Vice President, W.K Mutale Nalumango has called on the people of Zambia to trust President Hakainde Hichilema for he was focused and utterly resolved to deliver development to every corner of the country.

Ms. Nalumango who was in Western province for the first time after forming Government following the August 12, 2021 Elections charged that the New Dawn Administration was determined to improve the lives of Zambians and boost the economy.

In her address, spiced with SILOZI, Veep thanked the people for envisioning the UPND victory with their spiritual eyes. She emphasized that following the historical victory, it was incumbent upon each one to support the change they needed; which was ‘here and now!’

Ms. Nalumango further said the UPND Government had great plans for the Resettlement Schemes by way of transforming them into giant economic hubs for development.

And in his welcome message, Western province Provincial Minister, Kapwelwa Mbangweta highlighted some of the progress the New Dawn Government has made thus far.

Mr Mbanweta said people were happy with the commencement of works on the Hook-bridge on Kafue River and the scheduled road network across the province to improve domestic mobility; more so, open trade with Namibia and Angola.

During the circuit rallies, UPND Secretary General, Batuke Imenda stated that the recruitment of 30, 000 teachers and 11,000 health workers shall improve the staffing levels at each and every public school or health facility across the country.

Mr Imenda said while the Constituency Development Fund (DCF) will address building of more schools and health posts, the UPND Government will ensure qualified personnel were available to meet the much need services.

And Vice President, Nalumango said CDF was increased to K25.7 million per Constituency to keep the people productively busy as time for BULOFA (loafing) was over.


  1. Excellent, let us the people get together and work hard for the benefit of Mother Zambia & its people. Times of lazing around are over, change is here, embrace it individually and collectively!!!!


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