By Irvin Muyumbwa

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba says Zambia‚Äôs decision to vote for a United Nations resolution against Russia’s aggression on Ukraine may have ramifications on bilateral relations with Moscow.

Millennium Radio reports that,Mr Kalaba who is opposition Democratic Party President says he does not know what Russia will decide given the robust relation with Zambia stemming back to 1964.

Mr Kalaba says what must be understood is that Zambia has bilateral relations with both Russia and Ukraine hence it would have been important for the country to read the historic perspective leading to this conflict.

He says the Zambian government should have come out categorical on the issue by taking time to study the position critically before making any decision which might have consequences.

Mr Kalaba says he remains hopeful that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations has put in place safety nets and safeguards so that the country protects itself from shocks that may arise as a result of strained relations with Russia.

Zambia is among 141 nations that voted for a United Nations resolution against Russia’s aggression on Ukraine and 35 states abstained while 5 were against the resolution.

-Millenium Radio


  1. Zambia and how many other countries? Give us a list of Russia s hand in our country. Kalaba you seem to support wrongs.

  2. Supporting invasion of a sovereign country for the sake of maintaining a good relationship?

    I doubt that this is morally acceptable.

  3. Kalaba was not even fit as foreign minister. As usual with PF leaders they just overate themselves. Very poorly educated and this was visible to the international scene despite their efforts to seem to know it all. Remember his debacle with North Korea. The New Dawn is doing well and doing it right by calling a spade a spade and wrong as wrong. PF calls wrong as right because they have warped view of thing. So I don’t know what consequences he is even talking about.

  4. Sure very is crises in opposition I’m telling you , for kalaba very is nothing wrong for Russia killing people in Ukraine but what is important is friendship between Zambia and Russia. Bad hate kalaba no wonder your party it is getting zero votes .

  5. The best would have been to abstain. Not condemnation. Zambia has always officially been nonaligned and belonged to Nonaligned Nations. Sadly, now that is no more. We have now taken sides and betrayed our all-weather friend — Russia. But all is not lost. We can always renounce our new stance even as we speak. We can say, “Sorry you guys. We have just come to our senses. So we want out. Count us among those who have abstained.” Simple.

    • Learn to differentiate between the former USSR and modern day Russia.
      The former USSR was anti war and helped a lot freedom fighters in Africa. The Russia if today is led by a group of mafias who are war hungry. Soon, they will start the third world war.

  6. Russia has invaded a sovereign nation. The plans to finish the war in a few days has run into logistical nightmare . Now the Russian army has resorted to indiscriminate destruction of civilian structures using cluster and vacuum bombs. Now weak minds are saying it was wrong to vote against Russia, Really. Mr Kalaba, where is your Christian principles? What was teaching of Christ about the good Samaritan?
    You see how you strongly align with pf? Zambians are watching and listening Mr. Kalaba.


  8. Mr. Kalaba is a wrong charp with very little understanding between bilateral symmetry and waging war on innocent citizens, what Mr. Kalaba and many of his friends in PF should know is the word of God is Love and we’re there is love country to country conflicts can not take place. You can’t keep bilateral relationship and the expense of souls being killed by Rassian armies. Mr. Kalaba , you will not be president of Zambia If you okay lawlessness and war mongers and mercilessly people to fight a sovereign state without cause. You are visionless leader leading the blind who can not read between lines. Useless comment and coming from evil hearts who favor killings to keep stupid bilateral relationship.

  9. Ba Kalaba, please don’t reduce yourself to amalevels yama pf idiots like lusambo et el. Do not just condemn just because its the New Dawn Government that has made a decision. Because all these pf idiots were waiting for is for Government to take a position and they were still going to say the opposit. I feel you are above such!

  10. Zambia voting against Russia? How insane! Whoever voted does not know the history behind the whole saga. Why get involved in other people’s quarrels. NATO wants its weapons on Russia’s border in Ukraine. If Russia said they wanted military bases in Mexico, someone will invade Mexico.

  11. It is very unfortunate that Kalaba a former Minister of Foreign Affairs fails to appreciate the wrong that Russia is doing to a Sovereign country Like Ukraine. Anyway what do you expect from a former PF member. Thank God PF and its off shorts are no longer in power.

  12. Even under KK, Zambia used to take a stance especially against the West. KK was just non aligned when it came to condemn the Eastern Europe so don’t cheat us. On Iraq invasion KK condemned the USA and it’s allies so what no aligned you are talking about rubbish. After all Zambia just voted against Ukraine invasion, but KK personally as a President condemned the invasion of Iraqi. So where is non aligned???

  13. Russian forces have invaded and killed thousands in Chechnya, Georgia, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and now Ukrane.
    They do not value human life the way most nations do. Zambia as a Christian nation, is spot on to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraobe and killing its citizens and with a million, and counting, fleeing to neighbouring countries; all in the guise of denazification of Europe.
    Folks, Putin’s Russia is a killing machine not our friend. He has just bombed a nuclear plant in the south of Ukraine to ensure no one settles there for millennia.


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