Zambia remembers Edgar Lungu’s seven-year rule

By Dillon Mayangwa

THE trending throwbacks of PF criminal activities, abuse of offices, violence and illigalities during their reign and especially during last year’s general election campaigns should be encouraged.

Zambians should remind themselves and share all their painful and good memories if there is anything in their last seven years of Edgar Lungu and the PF. Least they forget and drag the nation back to such a barbaric, tribal, corrupt brutal regime in the near future.

Sharing all those painful moments reminds the populace the power of voting and proves that indeed power lays in the hands of the voters,
through the ballot. We have witnessed great change economically, socially and order has returned to government offices, markets, bus stations and police stations.

The ballot has also brought political sanity those who were drunk with power some to an extent of offering their God-given private tools to be cut have been reduced to their true sober self.

The throwbacks will also help the opposition PF rebrand to a party that maybe might be acceptable because as it stands PF is still the same with the some leaders that drove the country into the dustbin of tribalism, corruption and criminality.



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