Zambia to become Africa’s largest nickel producer

Zambia is set to emerge as Africa’s largest nickel producer following First Quantum Minerals (FQM)’s pledge to invest US$100 million in the Enterprise Nickel project.

The existing Nickel mine – Munali Nickel has a total annual production capacity of about 4,000 tonnes (over 300 tonnes per month) and this will add to the 30,000 tonnes that FQMs Kalumbila Nickel mine is expected to produce.

First Quantum Minerals has disclosed that the new Enterprise Nickel project will be operational within 12 months.



  1. Who builds a city? Is it businesses operating in a town or municipal authorities under guidance of the laws a particular country? U want FQM to start investing in real estate? What money will they make from that real estate? Who’s demanding the real estate anyway? Stop hallucinating.

  2. Who made FQM account for the promises of making Solwezi the biggest city in Southern Africa?
    Your corrupt pure farts party was just interested in corruption and bribery. Yes, they have found partners who are knowledgeable and serious.
    Just watch and see what is going to happen at the end of five years.


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