Zimbabwean Woman Jumps From 2nd Floor To Save Herself From Murderous Boyfriend In Poland


Zimbabwean Woman Jumps From 2nd Floor To Save Herself From Murderous Boyfriend In Poland

A Zimbabwean woman who is based in Poland is said to have jumped from the 2nd floor of an apartment after her boyfriend tried to stab her.

The event took place in Lublin on Friday, November 11th and according to findings, the boyfriend who has only been identified as Sebele T, a 26-year-old Zimbabwean, attacked his partner after an argument.

He is said to have struck the woman in the face, torso, and head with his fists. When she tried to flee, he closed the door and threatened to murder her. He eventually took a knife and attempted to attack the victim with it.

To save her life, the lady opened the balcony door and leapt from the second floor.

Soon after, paramedics and police officers arrived on the scene. The woman was injured as a consequence of the fall and was taken to the hospital. Officers apprehended the aggressor.

During the interogation, it was also revealed that the 26-year-old had previously beaten his spouse. He had smacked her across the face with his open palm nearly two weeks before.

The prosecution charged the guy with attempted murder. Reports say it is a felony punishable by life in jail.

The court granted the investigators’ request and placed Sebele T in pre-trial custody as a preventive measure.

However, Sebele’s side of the story suggests that he discovered his girlfriend with another man and confronted her, but the lady grew angry and assaulted him before jumping out through the window.

This comes a couple of days after a Kwekwe man filmed himself shooting his girlfriend who had dumped him for another man. According to some leaked chats linked to the shooting, the man could not stomach the money he had spent on her going down the drain.


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