Zimbabwe’s Patriotic Act Is Progressive, Worth Emulating- Lusambo


By Hon. Bowman Lusambo


As Pan Africanists, we have followed keenly processes leading to the enactment of the Patriotic Act in our neighbouring country Zimbabwe. The Act among other objectives, seeks to promote patriotism among Zimbabweans. It forbids any citizen or resident of Zimbabwe to promote sanctions against the Republic. Those found guilty can face up to 10 years in prison.

We have consistently advocated for the lifting of sanctions against Zimbabwe and we are happy now that the issue is backed by law.

We applaud the spirit with which this law was passed and we further commend the Zimbabwe Parliament for showing the way. We encourage other African countries to learn the Zimbabwe example and take steps to encourage national hood and protecting that which belongs to us all, our heritage.

It is often said that as Africans, we are our own worst enemy. We appear ever ready to tear down that which our Kaundas, the Nyereres, the Nkulumas fought hard to establish and protect. In our midst today, we have leaders that are keen on protecting western interests at the expense of the African agenda.

Our own President Hakainde Hichilema has never spoken publicly about the illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe. He has elected to adopt a nonchalant and obscure demeanour about an issue which should ordinarily preoccupy his regional policy agenda. The same can be said about his Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Relations.

Our comrades in Zimbabwe have set the tone, we should all emulate and protect the interests of our individual countries and the continent as a whole. Some people pretending to be Leaders today are infact mercenaries who should be stopped in their tracks by enacting such legislation.

As Zimbabweans vote this August, they should have the new law in their minds. They should vote for continuity and leaders that have demonstrable capabilities to protect Zimbabwe against foreign interests. We also wish this beautiful nation peaceful elections.


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