Zodwa wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu Coming to Zambia

The South African sensation Zodwa is finally allegedly coming to the country where she was banned by the previous government’s religious minister.

Former Religion Minister Godfridah Sumaili said in 2018 that the South African dancer famous for not wearing panties during her shows will not be admitted into Zambia.

Zodwa Wabantu was meant to make an appearance at the Zambian dancehall singer Karasa, “Kabwata Boy Pandemonium album launch”, which was scheduled for the now closed Hollywood City Club in Lusaka.

Zodwa is allegedly making an appearance at Club Elite Zambia on December 18, 2021.


  1. Not surprising its a taste of things to come in the new dawn Christian nation government just tighten your seat belts next time sexual perverts will be allowed to come and preach their nonsense and spread more demons Its time for the Church to arise from their slumber and begin to pray this is more spiritual than political

    • Holier than thou!!!! All the criminality that has been in our country is nothing? Zodwas’ gonna bring all the nonsense you are saying? Christian nation my foot! Abeg…leave the entertainment industry alone!! Zambians have freedom to see/watch what they want…just as God Himself has given man a Free Will to decide on who they want to worship….HYPOCRITES!!!

  2. And you are right Lanre God has given each person the right to choose and decide and He will never interfere with those choices but with every decision one makes there are always either consequences or rewards God tells you all the results of each choice you make so no one is stopping anyone from going to watch that nudist all we are telling you is there always consequences for bad decisions or choices one makes so its entirely up to whosoever Christianity does not force any one on what to do but will tell you whats wrong or right and then you choose and God will honor your decision

  3. It all depends on who you are at core. If bad you are moved by acts that are immoral in nature your are immoral at heart and hence enjoy this type of entertainment.

    On the other hand if you are opposed to immortality you won’t even dare be near such events. Why because its in your nature.

    So unfortunately, they constitution allows people to serve who they want even if it is not Christ. Sad though but its a fact.

    So there is need to Shine as Christians and preach the gospel which the power of God unto salvation. Nothing else can have an impact which changes a person from a lover of immoral activities to living in holiness.

    In other words you can’t regulate this. It is already coming through the various technological tools like U Tube , TV and social media.


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